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Passion Requires Discernment for Effectiveness

 Passion Requires Discernment for Effectiveness

Do you allow your passion to lead you aimlessly?
Is your performance inconsistent?
Are your activities scattered?

Utilize Passion for Effectiveness by Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Passion as a tool for Effectiveness

Passion is what drives us – if we allow it to. But, do you allow it to lead you aimlessly into the abyss of non-productivity? Sometimes when we are so passionate about something, we chase it like a butterfly. At times this may be a good thing; however, not always!

It’s undeniable that passion heats up everything. And here’s the rub: the heat is good, but  sometimes if we stay with the heat too long we get burned. Have you ever been burned by following a passion of yours?

Passion Discernment Alert:

For the past month we have discussing how awesome it is to allow passion to fuel your performance. This is the best way to utilize passion versus flitting from one passion, or interesting thing, to another! It is pretty common to see clients or prospective clients following their passion(s) instead of allowing it to catapult them into the stratosphere.

Inconsistent Performance: Is Your Passion for Life Getting the Best of You?

Ooops… I think I just shared the outcome of not harnessing your passion appropriately! So here’s the scoop: Passion, as an accelerator, moves you toward a goal. Passion, in regards to what you do each day may be productive for that day or two or even week, but if you find yourself meandering it isn’t. The first clue:  noticing if your performance is less than consistent.

Are your efforts scattered or do you have many half done projects?

As an accelerator, passion clears a path for you to progress swiftly and usually with less effort. If you find yourself saying “this is so easy”, that might be a clue that you harnessed your passion to fuel you activity or productivity. Conversely, if you utilized your passion to fill your day planner, you may be struggling to accomplish anything effectively. (This is a common time bandit for many- particularly entrepreneurs.)

Wow, I never thought of harnessing passion as an efficiency tool until now. It really does assist you in accomplishing your goals. A Classic example is our beloved Olympians. This effectively guides their focus and activities to become an accomplished athlete. Passion guides them to their bulls-eye: medals of such pretty colors and owning world records.

If you want to really understand how passion can assist you as well as elude you Click here to read what happens when Passion calls you 🙂

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: Can you identify the butterflies you’re chasing which prevent you from your bulls-eye? Please share in the comment section so we can learn from each other. AND…

If you would like to talk about attaining consistent performance and how I might be able to assist you,
please feel free to call 262-716-7750 (central time) or provide your contact info in the comments section.
I will be happy to offer you a no-cost consultation – just reach out!

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. One of my butterflies is creating. I love creating anything from nothing… a program, an article, a party, crafts, garden. This requires me to have a great deal of knowledge and resources to have available. I simply spend too much time on doing this type of ancillary research. What about you?

  2. I too am a creative sort and have chased a few butterflies. Sometimes though they do make a difference, although I can’t see it right away. I think we need to strive for balance.

    Blake Cahoon

  3. I am not a creator in the aspect that you speak of Maggie. I am a fixer…. I take something that exists and make it better or more efficient. Knowing this alone, has helped me tremendously!! Know this is helping me with my business.

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