January 8


New Year Resolutions: Broken Hope?

New Years Resolution already providing broken hope?

Did you have great intentions?
Are you already slipping on your New Year’s Resolutions?
What are you unnecessarily battling?

Alright, we all jumped to a new calendar only one week ago and already I’m hearing of broken New Year Resolutions-yikes, yikes, yikes! Yet as I hear this, I must ask “Why?”

Why do so many slip out of their New Year Resolution?
Even more intriguing, why after only one week?

OK, there are many debates regarding whether resolutions or even goals, are effective. We aren’t going there. Clearly, some people master their new year resolutions and or goals, but others don’t. This is the “Why” head-scratching moment!

Did you have great intentions for your New Year Resolutions?

OK, I admit it: I am an extremely curious person – about everything! Sometimes, I’m sure my husband thinks the first word I spoke was “why” 🙂 Being inquisitive can be frustrating when it comes to observing people. Nature is fine on its own – continuously self-correcting moving toward balance and thriving. Oftentimes, people are not as committed to balance and thriving as they say they are.

People are free-thinkers and I am grateful for this 🙂 We each have our own genius (intellectual as well as sacred gifts) and we have the shadows of our conditioning. Here’s the rub: your genius and shadows occupy the same space! Living into New Year Resolutions or new goals first begins in the battlefields of your mind. This is the ultimate revolution for self to transform and evolve… or, not!

Yes, every action you make is a conscious thought. Your actions will run on default (your default is your subconscious mind for simplicity’s sake) unless you choose to buck the system and create new thought patterns, which in turn create new actions. Intentions help you manifest or actualize the thoughts you choose to support your success.  In this case, supporting new actions to actualize your New Year Resolutions. Resolutions and goals don’t just magically happen, they are realized (become real) through your consistent right actions. (click here to read more on this)

 Broken New Year Resolutions Insight

The New Year Resolutions Slip- Watch Out!
The New Year Resolutions Slip- Watch Out!

I observe that most people who break New Year Resolutions are:

1. Not take the time to create an intention that is personal and purposeful to them. TIP: Don’t settle for what others say – put your signature on your own intentions!
2. Not setting up support systems for consistent actions on a daily basis to support a new way of being.

Yes! Goals serve you well by offering you guidance. When you set a goal, you determine where or how your journey will be noted as complete. Your goal is the outcome of all the successes you made/took/created to actualize the goal. In the most practical manner, success is when you continuously show up and act in new ways to support your goals!

Our Monday posts, during the month of January 2014, will also address Goals:

Subscribe, read, and dare I say “apply” what you read in our posts this month. Then you’re set to develop any goals – in a good way to support your success!

Curious, how do you support yourself to accomplish your goals?  Please share so we can learn from all of our best practices 🙂


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  1. How do I support myself to accomplish my goals? I have a coach to egg me on! Last year I set up some very modest goals and the year went sideways on me. I landed on my feet alright, but I was still too dizzy from the ride to even think about goals. Someone just asked me what I hope to make in profit this year. I had no idea what to say. I threw out a random number, based solely on past years when the business was more of a hobby than business.

    So first I have to make some real goals. And then form daily rituals to support the fruition of those goals, whether it be simple meditation or more concrete laundry lists. Then reward myself when I make a goal. Thanks for the insights as always!

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements

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