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Memorial Day Flag Code and Business

Memorial Day Flag Code illustrated by a field of US Flags and a little boy, in a camouflage jacket saluting the flag.
Memorial Day Flag Code and exploring the Code of YOUR Business.

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business

Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance. The US Flag Code states something unique for Memorial Day. It is the only day of the year that there are different protocols for properly flying the US Flag. See here for more details: .

What is Memorial Day Flag Etiquette?

The US Flag Code reveals on Memorial Day we are to raise the flag to the top of the pole, only for a moment at sunrise. Then, immediately lower it to half staff until Noon. At Noon, we briskly raise it back to the top of the flag pole and follow typical protocols.

Why is the Memorial Day Flag Code Different?

During the morning hours, when at half staff it is a visual reminder and respect act for all who have served in our military and have given their life for our freedom. Respect for all those who have stepped up and gave everything they had. We benefit from their sacrifice and it is our way of expressing appreciation.

How does this relate to YOUR Business?

Your Business has a code. Even if you haven’t thought about this before, it already exists! Over-simplified, a code is a way of behaving.

If you have a team of people you work with on a consistent basis, they may be aware of your code, even if you aren’t. Usually codes are created from what matters to the organization. This is usually founded within our principles or core values. Some businesses reference this as a culture. Regardless of whether this may or may not be a code for a particular business, they treat it as such.

Business Owners, have you taken the time to reflect what YOUR Business Code may be?

Start with yourself. Do you behave the way you’d like all your employees to behave? Oooh, ouch… that one may have hurt a little? I can’t imagine trying to manage another me 🙂

Do you behave in a fashion that would make it clear to an observer what is most important to you and YOUR Business? If not, it’s time to re-align yourself. This about this over the next couple of day and take appropriate action.

Here’s good news: Technically there are no penalties for breaking codes. Phew! But it is a learning experience when they are.

Take some time this weekend to read parts of the US Flag Code that’s in the first link. You’ll be amazed at what’s in it. I am!

It includes what’s appropriate for rugs, apparel, lighting, etc. You’ll even learn how many sports events which bring the flag out to cover the field is against the US Flag Code!  Please share this post and the wisdom you glean from the US Flag Code.

Codes are everywhere. Explore YOUR Business’s Code. We’d love for you to share something about YOUR Business’s Code. Share your answer in the comment section.


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p.s. Enjoy this long weekend and remember to take a Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day. Semper Fi!

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