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Meeting agendas are becoming extinct – are yours?

Meeting agenda: is yours already extinct?
Are you delivering impactful meetings?

The power of the meeting agenda is not being practiced. This is depicted by a small bushy tree growing out of a rock formation with clear blue skies above.
Help meeting agendas survive!

Meeting agenda… is it a focus or dodo bird in your organization? Several years ago, I started noticing articles for managers and leaders to be more mindful of setting a meeting agenda. Yet today, it seems that agendaless meetings are more the norm! How did this crucial element of productivity become ineffective?

Ban the Extinction of Meeting Agendas

You are holding a meeting… are you doing your part? Are you sending out a memo informing each attendee of your meeting agenda prior to the meeting so attendees can come prepared to contribute? Clearly many leaders are not doing this simple task of effectiveness and efficiency.

Why is sending out a meeting agenda to attendees efficient?

Some would like to argue that it takes too much time to create an agenda and send to attendees. I say, poppycock! By taking the time to create an agenda, the meeting leader will organize their thoughts and purpose of the meeting.

There are objectives which must be discussed or determined in each meeting or there would be no need for it. Why not make it clear to each attendee what needs to be accomplished?

Attendees are invited because they are impacting and adding value to the meeting topic. Why wouldn’t you want to have them bring their A-game to the meeting? If attendees could come prepared, you may be able to omit a follow-up meeting.

How sending out a meeting agenda supports effectiveness

As we just discussed, if attendees come prepared, they are able to contribute swiftly and in real-time. This is not only efficient; it is effective as well. Why? Everyone will want to share what is appropriate for the best decision to be made. Additionally, fact-driven data will be brought forward instead of personalities persuading decisions.

All attendees will feel accomplished because they showed up and contributed in a good way. One of the most important impacts of effectiveness due to a meeting driven by an agenda is the facilitator and/or presenter will be purpose-driven because they have declared the purpose and desired outcome of the meeting.

Meeting agendas support cohesive workplaces and profits

Would it be great if everyone knew a meeting on their calendar was critical to the business’s success and their performance as well? It all begins with leaders and managers stopping their lazy and sloppy practices and getting back to professionalism and common courtesy. Everyone is there to support the business goals.

As leaders, your job is to help everyone accomplish their goals with greater ease and to allow them to shine brightly. Setting meeting agendas is one of the easiest ways to shift into a high performing team. Happy and valued employees are high performers, which in return implies the business’s performance (profit) will improve as well.

WARNING: This starts with you! It continues with sharing a new expectation of how meetings are conducted and how everyone needs to prepare. Then, you must be consistent. I assure you, this will shift the effectiveness of all your meetings and your team will feel valued and show up at their best.

This simple step will help you take your business in the direction it is envisioned. Take lead and guide it on a new path… one meeting at a time!

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips regarding how meeting agendas can help support YOUR business success…


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p. s.: Just a little more planning of a meeting agenda can have YOUR Business functioning like a high performing team. It really can be that simple- start with your next meeting! Isn’t it time for a new way of doing business?



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