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Leader-ship: What exactly is it?

Leader: Are you capable to hold this position?

Leadership: What is it really all about? by Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Leadership: What is it really all about?

 Why do people follow others?
Do you know what leadership is?
Are you leading others effectively?

This year we’re doing things a little differently with a deeper exploration of a topic for the month: Goals (in January), Passion (in February), and Purpose (in March). This month I am going to speak on the topic of Leadership on our “Mastery Monday” posts for the whole month of April… but I’m going to begin by starting today!

Childhood Game: “Follow the Leader”

Have you ever played the childhood game: “Follow the Leader”? Most of us have. I always wonder about this game. It really was designed to teach us how to become model citizens… truly social conditioning. Yes, in this case it wasn’t so bad as we learned how to “stand in line” to go to recess, lunch, the library, and eventually drive cars without creating sheer chaos 🙂 So, we blindly trusted that following the leaders was a good thing, didn’t we? As we grow older we get to discern if this is true or not. Regardless, we are taught to follow.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is a word that has a great deal of conversation, but not a commonly known definition by many. So, once again I dust off Grandpa’s old American Heritage Dictionary to guide us! Leadership is defined as “the capacity to be a leader, ability to lead, OR the position, office, or term of a leader”.  Thus, we move to the definition of leader: “a person who leads others along the way or a guide, OR one in charge or command of others, OR one who has an influential voice”.

I was at the Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch and Learn this past week and a gent reminded me of the more relevant definition of a leader, “If you are talking a walk and you look back and people are following you along your walk, you are leading. Conversely, if you look back and no one is following you… well, you aren’t a leader!” This is a great reminder of how simple it is.

Are you leading others… effectively?

Do you realize that you typically have multiple opportunities to be a leader throughout each day? Yes, it’s true, especially if you are a parent, an employee, an employer, or a partner. Hey, I think that covers everyone! We are all given opportunities to guide others. What about when you drive or stand in line to check-out your groceries? If you have ever driven your car through inclement weather, you are probably following the tail-lights infront of you instead of blazing your own trail… right? Often we are leading or guiding others… by default, but nonetheless, leading.

How can you apply your leadership capabilities?

This is the question to be asking yourself… and the answer will vary depending upon your circumstances (remember: you are leading more often than you realize). Sometimes I notice the children in the neighborhood following the lead of other kids or adults. It’s cute to witness 🙂

Are you “showing up in a good way” as often as possible throughout the day (and night)? Are you giving others a reason to follow you? Do you show up as someone that others would like to be guided by? What about your social media interactions? Are you showing up as a leader/guide/example provider with your interactions? Are you providing a good example when purchasing groceries and/or driving? These and others, are often unnoticed invitations, are golden opportunities to improve your overall performance.

Right about now you are probably noticing all the different ways you can do “just a little bit more” to step into excellence. Have some fun with it… it matters!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: Before you read this, were you aware of how often you are showing up as a leader? If so, would you like to share so we can reach out to you when we seek your services/expertise? Share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂


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Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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  1. I attempt to look for any opportunity to “lead” the way…probably too much so….I do have a few people following me, so I must doing something right! Great insight into just where we do show up to lead others….thank you!

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

    1. Yes, some of us are leaders at much of what we do; however, we don’t always need to be a leader at all times. Consider allowing yourself the opportunity to follow, enjoy gifting others the opportunity to experience leading. If anything, when you mentor others on how to be a more effective leader, you are leading from the followings, while allowing others to be noticed… it’s pretty awesome how we can foster the effectiveness of future leaders as followers! Keep up the great work, we need tenured leaders to keep showing up 🙂

  2. This is my favorite line:

    “If you are talking a walk and you look back and people are following you along your walk, you are leading….”

    I don’t try to be a leader……….hahaha …I just am!

    Some of us are natural and obvious leaders and others are quiet leaders. These are the lovely people who are in the background just living their lives and being good examples of how to love others. My friend Heather is like that….A quiet leader…………. The world needs both!

    Thanks for the topic today Maggie!

    Many blessings! Barbara Marie

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