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You are the key to your entrepreneurial success

Business Owner as Key to Entrepreneurial Success illustrated by man crawling out of manhole with key in his hand.
YOU are the Key to Phenomenal Entrepreneurial Success. Where are you?

YOU are the Key to
YOUR Entrepreneurial Success

Your entrepreneurial success occurs when YOUR Business is profitable. By definition this is what makes a business successful. But what about the rest of the stuff that is attached to our perception of success?

When a Business Owners has profit, they have more freedom to be flexible when necessary. This is what most outsiders notice about entrepreneurs – their capability to be flexible! Yet, they don’t see the years of figuring it out, the struggle of balancing family and work, and the late or odd hours that are put in to making it all happen.

Here’s the entrepreneurial success rub: Too often Small Business Owners are “always working”. They are always “on”. Can’t walk away from the business or their workload. Does this sound familiar?

I’m not referencing deadlines and commitments which keep us working beyond when we need a break. I’m referencing the day to day activities consuming a Small Business Owner. Ultimately, rendering them as an obsessed workaholic.

I’m working with a young man who is a high achiever. He simply amazes me with his balance between developing strategies and completing tactics to accomplish his goals – one right after another. He rocks it every time! However he is out of balance. and this is hindering his effectiveness.

The last time we had a coaching session, we spent an enormous amount of time talking about his personal self-care. He was slowing down, not eating, not sleeping well, and becoming agitated by almost everyone on the planet. He was obsessed with bringing things together – even if it meant at the detriment of his own good. In other words, he was breaking down.

The downward spiral of sabotaging entrepreneurial success

When we exhaust ourselves like this, we burn-out. When you start burning out, you don’t realize you’re burning out. You simply begin becoming less efficient or less effective and then work more hours to make up for all the slip-ups.

Then, bigger slip-ups happen and you find yourself frustrated with business, people, and ultimately life. Entrepreneurial success is slipping away at this point. What do you do next? Double-down and neglect yourself even more! This is the downward spiral of burn-out.

Overtime you have become the problem. YOU are now interfering with YOUR Business’s Success.

The burn-out process is hard to stop on your own. Yet, YOUR Business needs you to perform optimally.

What do you do now? Get outside help.

Typically the one who needs help needs some disruption, or an intervention, to shift the circumstance.  If you don’t do this, you will continue to be MIA and YOUR Business will unnecessarily suffer! By not getting help you are self-sabotaging your entrepreneurial success. If you don’t know where to begin, reach out by taking advantage of YOUR No-cost Consultation below.

Very seldom entrepreneurial success just happens. What type of stumbling blocks have you overcome? Also, in the comment section let me know what topics you’d like for me to write about!


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p.s. Success asks us to self evaluate our performance to assure ultimate success.

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