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Holiday Season Prep for Business Leaders

Holiday Season Prep for Business Leaders:
This is all about YOU, the Leader of YOUR Business

Holiday Season Prep with candlelight and a book open to enjoy reading
Business Leader’s Holiday Season Prep

Holiday Season Prep for Business Leaders can become daunting! Today I noticed that Christmas is only 6 weeks away and the Season of Giving is Upon Us! There’s the classic “hustle and bustle”, excitable children, and adults who typically want to slow down events and enjoy the memories being made. Additionally, Business Leaders have Year End activities to push revenue and close out the year. So how are you going to powerfully step into YOUR Holiday Season Prep this year?

Holiday Season Prep Questions for Business Leaders:

What can you do differently this year to deepen the sacredness of this season?
How can you create a peace-filled Holiday Season for yourself and family?
What 3-4 activities will bring great joy to your heart?

Let me share a sweet and helpful story about holiday season prep. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when I still had one child who believed in Santa Claus, a family philosophy was inadvertently created. It was a dreary morning in early November and I was driving the boys to school. My youngest inquired from the back seat, “Mom, why does everyone have all their Christmas decorations out already and we still have our Thanksgiving decorations up?”

I admit I don’t have the sharpest mind in early morning, but what came out of my mouth was a shining moment of Divine Grace! I said, “Well, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I don’t know why people are confusing asking for things, before they give thanks for what they already have.” With that, a 7 year old was satisfied and I thought our conversation was complete.

Then, in early November the following year while driving the boys to school, a voice piped up from the back seat again. This time there was no question. There was a statement from an 8 year old child, “I don’t get why people start telling everyone their Christmas Toy List before Thanksgiving. I think they are all mixed up on what’s important.” Another voice, 3 years older, chimed in on the conversation and spoke to “the greedy kids and even adults too”.

This was a moment of proud parenting! At a young age, my sons were beginning to observe behaviors and discern their truths. Ah, critical thinking at its best. As the boys grew this became an over-arching Pre-Holiday Season Conversation. One year when they came home from college for a Thanksgiving visit, we were together and driving through town. One of them made an observation and expressed disappointment about “people not being content and enjoying life”. I want to thank all the folks in our little town who put their decorations up early – who would’ve thought it would be such an impact in 2 young boys’ spiritual evolution?

Today, these young men are amazing people. They are both outstanding professionals in the music industry – giving of their own talent for the enjoyment of others. They are grateful for all the goodness in life. They enjoy creating “special” moments. They understand the deeper spirit of this holiday season and holiday season preparation

Simplify, simplify, simplify! Less, truly is more – especially at this time of year! Give from your heart.

I invite you to consider the possibility of taking time to create joy and peace for yourself and family. Give to those you love and in need. Also remember to gift yourself some peace! Our hearts value tender moments – the truest of gifts.

May boundless blessings be upon you and your family during this most sacred season.

Please feel free to comment or share an item on YOUR Holiday Season Prep Checklist.


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p.s. Too often Holiday Season Prep gets pushed aside due to busyness. Gift yourself the moment – this week to plan out your enjoyment. Afterall, you deserve this after a year of hard work!


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