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Contact Information on Websites

Contact Information helps YOUR Customers

Cinderella's Contact Information
Cinderella’s Contact Information

Do you know if you have your contact info on your websites pages?
Do you need to post your phone number for more visibility?
Are you tired of trying to figure out how to get a hold of people?

Recently, I have had several people (I know this is almost too crazy for me to even admit) share with me that they can’t find phone numbers on websites! One person couldn’t find one at all – the irony is that this one was for a phone service, or the phone number was buried on the site in some deep dark hole! I don’t want you to miss a conversation with a potential customer over missing contact information, so let’s spend 5 minutes or less on this…

Contact Information Significance

Your contact information is crucial to your business’s success – not to mention yours! Your Ideal Customer is on the go and being bombarded with hundreds of messages each day.  When they finally see your information do you want them to just bump into it and say “excuse me” and get back to what they were doing? Not really!

What if you could have someone bump into you, via your online content, and they are memorized by you and your message? You can do better than Cinderella… she left a shoe for the Prince to work with until he found her. In today’s hustle and bustle, I don’t think customers have the Prince’s patience to chase you down. They will find someone who will make it much easier to engage with and give their money to that business.

Contact Information is YOUR Customer’s Key

I recall a time I ran across a really great blog and really appreciated the message. I was about to write a comment when I was distracted, knocked myself out of it, took care of the distraction, and totally forgot about it. A couple of weeks later I recalled the message and tried to recall the name of the person or site and couldn’t. Had the phone number, or their name been on the page I was reading I would have at least wrote that down. It wasn’t, I didn’t; they lost a potential customer!

As I’m on the verge I reconstructing this website, I’m grateful for this message to come forward. I will make sure that at least my phone number is at the top of every page, as well as make sure that my contact information is easily accessible as well! I want everyone to know they can reach me when they are called to do so 🙂

YOUR Contact Information is YOUR Invitation to Customers

Do you want to invite more customers to learn who you are and make appts or buy products and services from you? I sure hope you are saying YES! Then, it’s imperative for them to see your contact information as an invitation to your customers.  It makes it easy for them to say YES! to you 🙂  Your accessible contact information makes it even easier for them to refer others to you… and for that referral to reach out to you quickly before their need is either diminished or satisfied by another provider.

Components of YOUR Contact Information

Your complete contact information should be available on your website’s Contact Us page, and YOUR Bio page, and in the Footer. What should be included in YOUR contact information is simple: Name, credentials, phone number, address (at least town and state), and social media access points for them to follow you on their preferred platform.

That being said, I want to talk about business cards for a moment. Not all the contact information is necessary on your business card. this completely depends on your marketing and networking strategies. I know some who only provide a name, credentials, phone number, and website on their business cards for contact information. In this case they are wanting everyone to go to their website and engaged there before moving to all the different platform options we can connect on these days. This is a personal choice for you to make. I’ve done it both ways, and I’m going back to simplicity for my cards again with complete contact information being on my (new) site.

What’s your strategy for contact information being predominantly displayed to attract business? Please share your thoughts (in the comment section) so we have a good pool to consider when we are creating our strategies.


It can be all different this year…
if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. Thanks Maggie for posting this as it is a major pet peeve of mine! I’m one of the many who got driven crazy –I was trying to contact the phone company –AT&T, no less and couldn’t find how to actually CALL them!!!! It was buried deep in their website! The irony doesn’t escape me. Also the same problem with COMCAST–yet another Communications company–who apparently like to communicate!!! Again a phone number buried deep. Two MAJOR companies!!! Really????

    Thanks for getting the word out that that is not the way to do business–small or large!

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements

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