September 26


Business Strategy: Simplicity of Effective Networking by The Business Rescue Coach

Do you think networking is silly or even a waste of time?
If so, it might be time to look at it another way…

OK, I want you to stand up and look straight ahead and pretend you see a networking event right in front of you at 12 o’clock. Now I want you to take a step to the right and turn as if you are now looking at it from the stance of 3 o’clock. Why? It’s time to get a new view on networking!  Let’s take a look at it from the 3 o’clock view.

3 O'Clock
3 O'Clock

Naturally networking has so many hurdles to overcome because there is such a high level of uncertainty. OK, I admit that’s a “Capt. Obvious” statement, but it’s probably the most important one! Let’s look at this from 3 o’clock as see networking as endless possibility 🙂

The “endless possibility” mind-set really is the best way to approach networking… allowing yourself to go where ever the conversation takes you (within reason of course)! Often times, this more relaxed and authentic approach to creating new relationships will serve you much better than trying to fluff yourself up as someone of importance.

Long gone are the days of  salesman who diligently worked to fill their pockets of others business cards so they can build a cold-calling list. That’s right, those days are long gone! Now, it’s all about the relationship baby, nothing but building relationships!

Keep in mind, it’s the social similarities that will bond people more often than the business similarities. The more we have in common with people the more we tend to like and even trust them, right? And that’s what’s networking is all about- finding folks you like and trust to do business with an/or to refer others for services!

Oh yeah, if you still run into that salesman who doesn’t care about you but still wants to be your best friend, do him/her a favor: Compassionately share that their approach is no longer effective and you would like to share they best way to network over a cup of coffee. That’s right, demonstrate how its done well. They will be convinced after your sharing and they will be forever grateful. Typically you will win too by being nice because this person will always refer you when the occasion presents itself 🙂  … And that’s how you grow your business!

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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