September 10


Business Strategy: Delivering what your customer really needs

Customers: Do you know what yours’ needs?
Are you sure you are giving your customers what they really want?


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Do you deliver what your customers are really seeking? Congrats if you do – you are in the minority! But what about everyone else? Do you really know why they come to you? Do they walk away smiling, enthused, or even hopeful? Do they whole-heartedly say “Yes, I can do this!” or “I will give this a try!” or “Thanks, this will help me alot!”? … … …

The #1 Reason Why You Aren’t Giving
YOUR Customers What They Want:

Do you still assume you know what your customer wants?
STOP ASSUMING RIGHT NOW and you are already improving your sales!

You see, everyone thinks it is soooooooooooo important to appear to be the expert, have all the answers, and never be surprised, but this is the furthest thing from the truth! Your Sales Revenue will dramatically increase when you quit trying to be “the know-it-all”! Why? Because then you can have a genuine conversation, exploring with your customer what (1) their truth is, (2) what their need is, and (3) why they want you to help them.

This Week’s Business Strategy:

  1. Pretend you are a rookie when it comes to your customers. When you greet them and immediately ask what will make them happy today with your service.
  2. Explore their answer further by asking them to explain more so you can have a thorough understanding as to what it is they want to resolve.
  3. After you have begun serving them, state how much you appreciate their business and then ask, ” What is it that I offer you that makes you happy/satisfied/coming back?”
  4. Ask them, “What could I/we do better to really make you happy/satisfied/give us referrals?”
  5. Thank them for their sharing and that you look forward to seeing them again.
  6. Compile all your answers from each client. Create a new plan and put it into action so you can “wow” your customers even more  and have your Revenue Rock 🙂

Let’s see how we can help each other via the comment section and share some of the ways you “wow” your customers?

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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