April 29


Business Strategy: Choosing Actions of Perfection or Imperfection


Is perfect action your game?
Do you accept imperfect action to make progress?


YOUR Business Strategy: Are your Best Business Strategies working for you? It seems there are two approaches to progress: perfect action and/or imperfect action. Do you find yourself in one of these all the time or do you have a proper balance between the two? How do you know which approach to take?

This past week I was in New York City. My youngest son is a flutist and working on his

Business Strategy  Business Rescue Coach
Flutist, Daniel James and YOUR Business Rescue Coach, Maggie in NYC

Masters Degree at the Juilliard School. It was wonderful to hear him play – all I could do is reflect upon the little 4th grade boy, who knew he was destined to musical performance… and opera. He started studying opera scores when he was in grade school and asked his band teacher to share her text books on “conducting” with him. He always studied and practiced – some times for 8 hours a day without ever being told once.

While we were visiting we had the opportunity to experience the last dress rehearsal of an opera before it went public. It was fascinating to see the performance and then how the orchestra and the performers would coordinate final direction from the conductor. I thought about how everyone had to practice their role to a certain point of imperfection, and then allow for the creative element to occur to bring it to coordinated perfection.

I also thought about the value of the imperfection which appeared in a performance. It seemed as if it appeared to assist particular musicians and performers to have an opportunity to perfect their craft, which ultimately made the final product much stronger… or dare I say, perfect 🙂 And all this had me thinking of the choices we have in business. Pondering an always overlooked business strategy of endless choices to create actions of perfection or imperfection.

Over the past several months we have addressed the benefit of accepting imperfect action. My personal example of this is my new website this blog is now housed within. This site is being developed in real time – not waiting for perfection at all! Why? I figured it was best to have a site that is more in alignment with the revamping of my business focus and the new direction I have quietly stepped into over the past several years. It was finally time to share and also demonstrate the beauty of having a creative unfolding as an example. Indeed it was tough to swallow a little pride and do it this way in front of everyone – and I am glad I did!

The beauty of imperfect action is you have the opportunity to grow and adapt new ideas as real time feedback arrives. Working in the mindset of imperfect action allows for more flexibility, with the opportunity to move toward perfection with greater ease versus being rigid and attached to what was created. In the case of my new site revamp, imperfect action was best because I am already operating and couldn’t leave everyone in the cold. While with a newer business, which may be ready to do its initial launch, a perfect action may be best – especially for the foundational components of a website at least.

Since there is not one best approach to this quandary, I have always found it best is to have a balance in all my development of perfect and imperfect action. Even at different points in a particular project, one may serve management and the business better than the other (as in the case of the opera’s dress rehearsal).



During project or product development, take a moment to assure you are not moving to perfection, when it is not necessary. Do this quality check at different phases or timeline milestones to make sure you aren’t impeding upon your own success 🙂


It can be all different this year…
if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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