October 29


Business Strategy: Business Plan (Part 1)

Are you still treating your Business Plan as if it is a contract?
Do you “live and die” by your Business Plan?

Are your best business strategies letting you down? This morning I had a conversation about plans versus contracts and was once again amazed at the simplicity of a Business Plan! I know, my mind is just a little different than most…

So often I hear one of two things from both the corporate sector as well as entrepreneurs: (a) “I don’t even know what my Business Plan states”, or (b) “Our Business Plan states X so we will be doing X now”. Which one is your default?

I admit there may be other options, but the above are typical. Curious why these defaults render you ineffective as a Business Leader? It’s about understanding the difference between a contract and a plan.

Contract: a predetermined and agreed upon set of actions to occur, without deviation.

Plan: a predetermined and agreed upon set of actions to occur, which allows for flexibility and adaption to assure the best possible outcome.

Obviously there is a time and place for contracts when one conducts business; however, today it would be best to ponder on how you choose to operate and guide your business to fulfill its objectives. Of the two definitions, which one will bring you greater success? Of course planning will. Why? It allows you to adjust actions as needed – just as a captain successfully navigates his ship to a desired harbor. … Next Monday I will share more on this and how to resuscitate your Business Plan.


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  1. Indeed! A plan is that–flexible and changeable–it is not written in cement the way contracts are. This concept is important to realize both in business and in life! Project managers should recognize this and often do not.

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

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