December 10


Business Strategy: Building YOUR Legacy Today

What are you up to?
Working on developing your Legacy?

Business strategies are awesome when you know why you are applying them to your business. For example, this past year I have been going through what I call a “deep dive” to “land” my new business concept. I’ve had one part of it well defined, another part appeared early autumn, and then the final piece came mid-autumn.

Puzzle pieces fitting
Fitting puzzle pieces

Remember how I said the second part came in early autumn? Well, here’s the kicker: I couldn’t get it to make any sense until I got the third part. As soon as I had a clue what the third part was, I was able to figure out the second part! I know it is strange, but it’s how I process – in circles, so I don’t miss any aspect of something. And…

I finally figured out why it has taken me a long time to land my new business revamp: it’s my legacy! Being a legacy, it is actually about what I want my splash, in commerce, to be… which “ripple effect” I choose to create for and with businesses. Yep, I admit it is rather daunting!

Legacy, to me, is a word which exemplifies excellence. Unfortunately, it is a rarity. I experience the concept of legacy as depth. There is a sturdiness to it, a deep understanding of it not being happenstance, nor developed by taking “the path of least resistance”. I find it to be timeless and impenetrable.

Self-Discovery Clues:
1. I am no longer seeking to build a thriving business. I am building a legacy.
2. I need to develop an appropriate way to showcase my offerings. Specifically at the level of benefit they will provide my clients throughout their business’s/organization’s transformation.

Questions for Business Owners & Top Management Team Members:

1. Do you intend your business to be a hobby, a business, or a legacy? (There is no wrong answer here.)
2. Are your actions aligned with your intention of/for your business?
3. What should you be doing, today, to align your intentions and actions to be realized in the manner you now seek?


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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