November 21


Business Strategy: Appreciation Rules

Do your appreciate your business?
How do you express your appreciation?

Do your best business strategies let you down?Let’s see if YOUR Business Rescue Coach can share the importance of another business strategy with you to improve your business even a bit further!

Building Blocks of Success

Last week someone had asked me if I have been watching the History Channel’s series, “The Men Who Built America”. I hadn’t, but then I was able to see two episodes since then. Each episode onto itself is quite power-packed! I encourage anyone to watch it for all sorts of reasons – the overall history lesson is phenomenal to say the least! Treat yourself, if you dare 🙂

One of the programs was revealing our workplace environment and how we treat our workers – the ones who help us fulfill our goal. Wow, there was a significant shift in how business’s treated their staff when Henry Ford created his assembly line. Ford paid more than double what most employers were paying; however, he expected at least twice as much from them too! Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Ford was the one to implement the 8 hours a day times 5 days a week to create the 40 hour work week. Something that allowed the American middle class to truly emerge. He wanted his staff to feel valued, appreciated, and not to come to work exhausted and produce at a mediocre rate. It’s pretty amazing how everyone was so eager to produce at high rates because they felt appreciated!

So, somehow with the “progression” we have made with all our our society’s “advancements”, very few of us are working 40, even 45 hours a week any longer. This is a time of the year to give thanks, or express your appreciation. Are you taking the time to express your appreciation to yourself and your staff? What about your family? We are in a swift-paced society these days… taking a “pause” from the chaotic schedules we live will serve you, your family, your staff, and your business quite well!  Try it and see what happens 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and my deepest appreciation to all of you abroad!


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