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Business Strategies: 10 Brilliant Strategies for Week Mar 12-16, 2012

YOUR Business Rescue Coach’s
10 Brilliant Business Strategies for Next Week!

Have you ever wondered what you should be focusing on? What a brilliant Business Strategist might say to you to help you with your business strategies for growth and prosperity? Well, the good news is you don’t have to wait any longer, how about 2 brilliant strategists to help you?!?

Every Friday,  now my non-Twitter followers can have the same competitive advantage, even without tweeting capabilities 🙂 Each Friday I share with you my list of 10 tweets for the following week (5 from the “Grandfather of Modern Business”, Peter F. Drucker,  and 5 from me as Lunchtime Business Strategies) to help you with practical and tactical topics to ponder and take action on for greater successes. I suggest you print out the list 🙂

Top 10 Business Strategies to Ponder & Act Upon:


Peter Drucker: Determine which population segment your business serves.

Lunchtime Business Strategy: Are your services and marketing correctly addressing the needs of your ideal customer base?


Peter Drucker: The more a business changes, the more significant it is to have a strong foundation of continuity.

Lunchtime Business Strategy: As you brings forth new ideas and processes, make sure they align with your Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements.


Peter Drucker:  Balancing change and continuity requires continuous work on communicating information to appropriate parties.

Lunchtime Business Strategy: A former professor taught a great mgmt tip: “Communicate, communicate, communicate; then, communicate again!”


Peter Drucker: When any changes occur within your business, always ask, “Who needs to be informed of this?”; then inform all appropriate parties.

Lunchtime Business Strategy: A former Operations Mgr’s  tip for success: “When you think you have communicated enough, it’s time to start all over again to assure they understand what you’re saying”.


Peter Drucker: Reward good continuous foundational efforts of your team, as well as those who are implementing changes.

Lunchtime Business Strategy: Who has been doing a good job that hasn’t been acknowledged and/or rewarded lately? Tend to this immediately.

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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