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Improving Business Success illustrated by the precision of a clock's gears.

Improving Business Success by Improving Leadership Capabilities

Improving Business Success Today by Improving Leadership Capabilities Improving Business Success involves many moving parts. YOUR Business strategies are much like the gears of a clock, with every unique aspect of business touching upon another. For over a century Master Clock-makers have discussed the necessary precision of each gear and the integration of the required components […]

Customer Obsessive illustrated by a magnifying glass being held and magnifying the word customer.

Customer Obsessive Mindset Business Strategy

Customer Obsessive Mindset Business Strategy: YOUR Competitive Advantage Customer Obsessive is a new concept I was introduced to recently. I am always working to improve Business Performance on one of my go-tos for years has been the fine folks of Forward Progress. When I was in a training session and I heard “Customer Obsessive” I […]

Rescue you money- buoy rescuing a dollar sign

People Decisions: Make good ones or pay dearly for mistake

People decisions can make or break you and your business! Please take the time to read this even if you are a solo entrepreneur because you hire talent (outsourcing) to assist you in fulfilling your business’s objectives. “If we didn’t spend four hours on placing a man and placing him right, we’d spend four hundred […]

March Madness and the Business of Performance

March Madness reflects the Business of Performance Which March Madness Bug Bit You? What can you learn from March Madness? The spirit of performance truly matters! March Madness occurs every spring. No, I’m not referencing cabin fever or even spring fever. I’m referencing the big business of America’s March Madness Basketball Tournaments. In America, a […]

Management Styles for Successful Business

 Management Styles for Successful Business: Any hiding behind a management style occurring these days? Which management style is your business? Which management style suits your business best? Management styles for successful business are varied and some are sure to fail. What’s your approach to management? Even solo-entrepreneurs have a management style – it has to […]

Performance: Business Simplicity

                            Performance: Business Simplicity How diverse is your business? Does it feel like everything is too complicated? Is your performance scattered or inconsistent? Performance, especially when it comes to business, seems to pride itself of complexity. Yet we know some of the highest performing aspects of our existence come to us in the simplest of […]

Business Strategy & Tip: Week 6/30/2014

                        Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! “The BEST way to predict your future is to create it. ~ Peter F. Drucker, the grandfather of modern business Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: This is a great quote because it addresses taking your professional fate and then choosing to take action to transform […]

Business Strategy & Tip: Week 6/16/2014

                        Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! “Performance is not hitting the bull’s-eye with every shot – that is a circus act.” ~ Peter F. Drucker Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: We all know that performance does matter- alot! We also know that consistency moves us toward success, if we are taking […]

Business Strategy and Tip: Week 3/28/2014

Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! Here’s your one Business Strategy: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” ~Peter F. Drucker, Grandfather of Modern Business Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: After a whole month of discussing purpose, I thought this quote would be a simple reminder of why […]

Business Strategy and Tip:Week 3/17/2014

Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! Here’s your one Business Strategy: “People want to work for a cause, not just for a living.” ~C. William Pollard, Chairman of The ServiceMaster Company and author of The Soul of the Firm Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: Regardless if you are a Business Leader of […]