December 14


Business Resource: 3 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

Curious what highly effective leaders are doing these days?

Oh my gosh, I was sooo happy to learn these 3 common habits have become more mainstream than 10 years ago when I was recruiting to find these unique individuals 🙂 Back then, the 3 habits of  (1) asking questions differently, (2) taking multiple perspectives- and listening well, and (3) looking at systems were the 3 main and unspoken attributes of true Change Agents. I know this well as recruiting and placing Change Agents into organizations was my expertise!

The Change Agents that I represented had an uncanny approach to everything. They asked a myriad of questions- even crazy ones to anyone to super-sleuth what was really at the core of issues. More importantly they were excellent listeners regarding what was being said and what wasn’t. Indeed, they were always able to look at an issue from several perspectives simultaneously and … get it! Thus, they were able to look at systems and see the flaws swiftly.

Being able to do this is a unique gift all onto its own; however, if these habits are not natural to you, you can develop these skills with practice. Below is a link the the article by Amy Levin-Epstein, who interviewed the author and leadership consultant, Jennifer Garvey Berger, whose new book, Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders For a Complex World reveals this topic even further.

I especially liked the “Where should I start?” Q & A. I agree that it’s a great place to start 🙂 After reviewing the quick interview snippets, I’m curious what your thoughts are…. which one of these habits will benefit you and your business the most? (Share in the comment section please.)

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