January 2


2015 New Beginnings: Purposely Impacting Success

 2015 New Beginnings: How will YOU Purposely Impact
the Success of YOUR Business

How are you intending to create your success in 2015?
Are you choosing 2015 new beginnings to support your success?
Does your calendar reflect who and what matters most to you?

2015 New Beginnings start as this old fashion clock is about to strike midnight
2015 New Beginnings Start Now

2015 New Beginnings topics are showing up all over the place this week and next. Why? It’s as if the slate was wiped clean and we all have a “Do Over”! This Do Over concept is fun to play with and I encourage you to do so.

This year, instead of talking about how to create worthwhile goals and sustain them (click here to see the first of four posts I wrote last year on that topic), I’d like to discuss what you INTEND to do with YOUR TIME. Lately several clients have been asking me to assist them with what they call time management. I prefer to call it Managing Productivity, because time can not be managed/controlled. Try to manage it and you will lose! It is an illusion to think you can manage time. Each day, for better or worse, is 24 hours.

2015 New Beginnings: How do you spend YOUR time?

Time is a mysterious concept. During these few weeks we focus on it more than any other time of the year. This isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s very important to remember: it is our activity or productivity levels we can manage instead of trying to manage time.

What are the 3 things and 3 people which matter most to you? Is this importance reflected on your calendar as such?

Your calendar, just as your bank statement, reflects your priorities. What does your calendar reveal about your choices?

Let’s try to look at 2015 new beginning as an awesome year of great potential! Potential to have your calendar reflect doing things which matter the most AND spending time with people you cherish.

Open your calendar now and create dates with yourself and/or others to do what you enjoy.

On of my favorites is a once a month meeting to socialize. I make this monthly date a priority! I enjoy the women who attend and our topics of discovery. I enjoy just relaxing this one night a month. This shows up on my calendar just as equally important as another professional development group I attend. What/who are your special prioroities?

This new year of new beginnings can be filled with great peace, productivity, and prosperity. Will you allow your 2015 new beginnings to reflect this?

Please feel free to comment how you are making a clean break for your 2015 new beginnings to be awesome…


If you want to discuss this strategy or something you need assistance with,
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

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p.s.: One of the important 2015 new beginnings I am involved with is stepping into a leadership role for Wisconsin Business Owners. We are building a great team of Organizers to support our growth and high quality of professional development. Congrats to Wisconsin Business Owners for celebrating 10 year of developing personal and professional relationships in a positive learning environment.


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