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Planning for the Future Creates a Successful Upcoming Year

Planning for the Future: Creates a Successful Upcoming Year

Do you take time to plan for your future?
What matter most to you?
Are you prioritizing your priorities?

Planning for the Future depicted by person writing in an appointment book
Fresh Start for Success!

Planning for the future – 2015, begins now! This is a great time of the year to look at your calendar for next year (2015) and begin to fill it with what matters most – you and your loved ones!

Planning for the future to be filled with joy is crucial.

When you start planning your new year, or month, do you start with commitments for family and friends first?

Now, this may seem silly to most of you. Yet, when I take on new clients this is one of the first things we do! We work to adjust schedules. We focus on planning for the future to be filled with professional success as well as personal success. Do you? Perhaps this week is a good week to be re-evaluating what is on your calendar.

This week, open up your calendar and create appointments with your loved ones and for yourself. BEFORE you start filling in other items.

Planning for the Future Calendar Dance

My husband laughed at me over the weekend. He and I were discussing items as I was planning for the future with my new calendar. Even though I keep appointments digitally and use digital project management tools, I really like working on a hard copy calendar. I prefer seeing a week or month at a time. For me it’s important – I’m a visual person. I like seeing where I have the capability to flex my schedule of commitments to accommodate clients and other important appointments.

Additionally, I like hard copy calendars because “It’s like working with a fresh canvas as a painter does to create their vision. Mine is of the upcoming year”. Yes, that is the statement that made my husband laugh!

If you haven’t yet, start filling in your calendar with commitments to loved one, including yourself! Then get busy with other fun things you’d like to do throughout the year. After you have that completed, begin creating a successful 2015 by booking your appointments to assure you start the year off strong! Planning for the future, today, can create a positive buzz to launch your new year in a most successful manner. Dream. Plan. Act. Enjoy.

Please feel free to comment or share what is one of your priorities this coming year as you beginning YOUR planning for the future activities…


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p.s. Planning for the future is an important exercise. It will serve you well if you do this activity monthly as well.


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  1. This is a fantastic idea — friends and family first! Wow!!! (It’s paid vacation days folks!)

    Of course many of can’t do this because other obligations aren’t set up yet. For example, I can’t even plan my vacation until end of January because I don’t know when my current contract will really end. Supposed to be at the end of April.

    And then my family…well, they have no idea where they will be in May or even next Sept!!

    My friends….well….most are dependent on other people plans….so…I still think it’s a great idea. Just the execution might be a bit tricky.

    Maybe I can ball park it…..mmm….where’s that calendar?….

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements

    1. Thanks Blake, in a cool way you just validated what I was speaking of… it it isn’t on the calendar, it is even more unlikely to occur because of all the points you mentioned and many others! However, there is the simplicity to do this quarterly if annually is too much of a stretch and I did mention in my p.s. how it would serve many to do this monthly as well. Sounds like the monthly option may serve you best right now 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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