Mr Holland’s Opus (1995):
Business Movie Review

Mr Holland’s Opus (1995) movie will teach
Small Business Owners business strategies
of Patience, Creativity, & Trust

Movie Ticket for Mr Hlland's Opus
Mr Holland’s Opus is filled with relevant plot twists for Small Business Owners to explore and apply.

Mr Holland’s Opus (1995) PG is a human interest story. It touches us at our core, as humans, children, parents, professionals, and community members. The movie spans over 30 years of Mr Holland’s life. He is an ambitious composer who is going to leave his mark on the world with his melodic composition. He is a newlywed, becomes a homeowner, and a father. Holland and his wife are living the American Dream. Just as life is full of plot twists, so are the Hollands.

Being a Small Business Owner is all about navigating through changes or plot twists. Holland is a great role model for seizing opportunities. You’ll appreciate how this movie is relevant to the world of entrepreneurship. No spoilers here, just some very interesting points to apply and impact YOUR Small Business. Enjoy watching the movie and learn how to improve YOUR Business Success.

Mr Holland’s Opus Business Strategy #1

Personally and professionally, Holland’s patience is continuously challenged. He is brought to his knees time and time again. Yet, his patience, and sometimes lack of it, keeps him moving closer to his goal. Even in the adversity in life, he continuously finds his genius and passion to create his composition. Regardless of what was happening in his life, Holland continues to create his vision.

Do you have the patience to see your creation/s and business’s performance to its potential? Commitment to being a good steward of YOUR Business is essential. If you allow it, commitment can override the times you are impatient. No one said bringing a dream or vision to life was easy. Support yourself by adjusting your activities when your patience runs thin. Then get back on track to actualize your vision.

Mr Holland’s Opus Business Strategy #2

Mr Holland is invited to teach children Music Appreciation. Until he learns about what matters to his students, they aren’t interested in learning about the history of classical music. He needed to figure out what motivated them. Then, Holland melds their interests with his teachings and they are engaged – even intrigued and apply his teachings.

When you are challenged to create something or do something new or different, do you give up too soon? Slowing down to be with the new is a great approach to examine it and discover what it really requires from you. It’ll give you time to learn what it needs from you. Your answers are already there, you just need to notice them.

Mr Holland’s Opus Business Strategy #3

Holland becomes a music teacher. He has a student who struggles to effectively play an instrument. She practices every day with no success. Then Holland works with her. When he says, “… you know it, you just don’t trust yourself” and gives her another way to experience music, she finds her zone of genius. Additionally, she finds her power within and steps into success.

Do you trust yourself enough to find your genius? If not, give it a try. Your genius is what makes magic happen for you, YOUR Business, and YOUR Customers. Even if what you discover appears illogical, play with it – it may only appear this way at first. You just need to be more creative to make it work for your marketplace.

If you already know your genius and are infusing it into your business, trust this is your differentiator. I will make you and your solutions shine brightly! Trust your genius.

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from Mr Holland’s Opus (1995) movie would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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