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Guiding passions may catapult your career

Guiding passions may catapult your career-
into a new realm with just one step!

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Honoring Guiding Passions

Guiding passions are a hot topic this decade as many are gravitating to sharing their creative genius spark with the world, while finding a way to make it financially sustainable.

“Passions are irresistible. If you’re paying attention to your life at all, the things you are passionate about won’t leave you alone. They’re the ideas, hopes, and possibilities your mind naturally gravitates to, the things you would focus your time and attention of for no other reason than that doing them feels right!”
~ Bill Strickland

As I’m reading the book, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobsby an excellent author, Carmine Gallo. The third chapter is dedicated to “thinking differently about your career”. I was a little excited when I started this chapter because this is one of the things I help clients with as we discover their vocation. Perhaps it’s the old professional matchmaker days of recruiting shining through.

Listening to YOUR Guiding Passions

Much of this chapter is dedicated to honoring your guiding passions. Guiding passions are the concepts which keep showing up in your life. They may be nudging you a little more recently. Let’s say your an accountant and all the sudden you have realized you’ve had a guiding passion to create beautiful things over the years, especially jewelry. That may be a very important clue as to what will bring you great satisfaction. Additionally, since it’s something that you may be innately proficient at, you may be very successful in your creativity, capability, and prosperity! (Yes, this is one of my clients.)

Another gent, who has been a family friend for decades, sells wooden pallets by day and is an entertainer by night. He is a high end DJ, who also writes lyrics, sings them, and produced videos of his songs. He truly lives by allowing his guiding passions to open new opportunities to him to allow his creative genius to entertain others. He’s living the quote of Anthony Robbins, “Passion is the genesis of genius”.

Are you exploring whatever guiding passions keep showing up for you?

Bill Strickland states, “The fear of failure can stifle anyone’s dream of living an extraordinary life, and the way you overcome that fear is by trusting your passion”. Boy, anyone who has taken the risk to honor their guiding passions knows this statement to be true. How it showed up for me: one day my message I’m to share became bigger than anything else – even me! A couple of months ago I was reminiscing about this and remember sharing with someone, “It’s just so awesome and so much bigger than me, I just can’t contain it any longer!”

That guiding passion became my purpose to appropriately guide all my thoughts and actions and still is today. Perhaps even more so!  Oprah’s quote, “When your life is on course, you are your most powerful”, is quite true. I invite you to pay attention to your guiding passions and just allow them to move you, perhaps even into another realm you didn’t even know was a possible career for yourself!

Please feel free to comment on what some of your guiding passions are that keep showing up…


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p.s.: Remember, guiding passions are what kept folks like Edison, Dyson, and President Lincoln gravitating toward their well known destiny.


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  1. I really like this column because I’ve been struggling for weeks about my passion (or lack thereof). I am happy to announce that by some heavenly miracle my passion came back just 2 days ago (!) and I’m back on track.

    The blog statement: “Guiding passions are the concepts which keep showing up in your life. They may be nudging you a little more recently.” really resonates with me and my rediscovery of my passion, which is letting the world know about angels and their wonderful abilities to help us in our lives, is in alignment with that statement. Beyond this what keeps nudging me also is crystal grid healing, so once the weather is better, I plan to pursuit this more. (Best done outdoors so I’m told).

    Thanks for reaffirming my own calling (as you have before)….good blog! Must look for the book you mentioned too! Sounds like a good read with great info.

    Blake Cahoon, Certified Crystal Healer and Angel Teacher

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