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Business Strategies from GANGSTER SQUAD Movie Review

Business Strategies via watching movies… Does it get any better than this?

What can the movie, “Gangster Squad” (2013)
teach about business strategies of purpose, teammates, and initiative?


Business Strategies Courtesy of Gangster Squad Movie Image by
Business Strategies Courtesy of Gangster Squad Movie Image by

It was the summer of 1949 in Hollywood as this true story unfolds… a Gangster has his strong grip upon the sweetness of California and it’s glory while breezes of a beautiful night assist him in sending a message to his counterparts in Chicago. Then we meet a war hero, now police officer, making collar after collar until he is notice by the Police Chief as an extra-ordinary performer. Next, the Sgt. is asked to put together a secret task force and eradicate the gangsters from Hollywood. This, is the stuff that great movies are made of!

Admittedly, this movie doesn’t follow the classic blockbuster formula at all – actually it’s much better as it was so well written, acted, and produced. At times I felt the earthiness of this setting and storyline that it was surreal. I could see it all unfolding as if I was in the movie. This is an outstanding production and yet, it might not wow you at all because it was so smooth and well balanced! Take time to watch it – the sheer determination and purpose is truly undeniable! This movie was loaded with business strategies from all different perspectives of each character.

Knowing yours will guide you to your destination

Sgt. O’Mara is commissioned to create an invisible team to eradicate the mob in Hollywood. The objective was clear… clean up the town and trust no one. Complete the task and become a hero again.

Strategy #1 Purpose: Do you have a clear statement as to what your purpose is? Have you determined what must occur for you to know you’ve arrived at your destination? Now I know this is nothing new for you; however, it’s the practical application that may be. At times the simplest action items or strategies are often neglected because they don’t seem to be of great value. Einstein himself says,  “Everything should be kept as simple as possible, but no simpler.” As a business leader, it is your duty to have a clear purpose and destination. Further, it becomes your pathway to professional success with the least amount of effort.

Knowing what makes them tick is priceless

Sgt. O’Mara’s process to develop the best team members is fascinating and a little humorous to watch. Understanding the purpose and passion of other team members is crucial to the team’s success. There must be alignment with the team’s, or business’s, purpose and mission. One of the Gangster Squad members is personally inspired to fulfill the team’s mission due to a personal situation, which keeps him going when the bullets are flying.

Strategy #2 Teammates: What motivates your teammates? Either directly or indirectly your teammates are crucial to your success. Are they committed to the same goals as you? Do you know what really makes them tick (inspires and motivates) so you can assure optimum performance?

Knowing when to move into action improves success

Sgt. O’Mara has to utilize his expertise, as well as his intuition, to know when to take “right action” or action that will support success. Additionally, the team had to know when to execute the “right action” to assure the best results. The Gangster Squad definitely knew when to take action to assure optimum results.

Strategy #3 Initiative: Do you know what to do and when to move into action? Do you have clarity as to when it is best for you to proceed or avoid certain actions? Knowing right action is great. AND knowing when to execute the right action to bring forth the greatest success is best. Think like your competitor, partner, or customer to know what to do and when to do it to achieve the results you most seek!

Take a moment to stifle this coach’s curiosity… Please share which business strategies offer you the greatest impact right now? Take a moment to answer in the comment section. Let’s see how we can serve each other with authentic sharings 🙂

If you need assistance on any of these business strategies or something else to help your business shine, please contact me. I’d be happy to learn if I can help you or refer to another who is capable of resolving your needs!

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