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Change Requires Your Engagement

Change Requires YOUR Engagement

Change Requires Engagement
Strategizing for Success!

Do you know when it’s time for a change?
Are you preparing yourself for your change?
Do you slow down a bit so you can make really wise choices first?

Last week I wrote about change and the importance of planning to bring about the most effective change for your performance and your businesses too!

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Even though I shared the excitement of how this is looking in real time in my business and many of you congratulated me and wished for the best online or in person, I didn’t want the lasting thoughts to be about me. What I really wanted to convey is that change is necessary and please take the time to plan so you assure you are making the best changes possible.  I sure hope that didn’t get lost in my post 🙂

Then, of course right after I posted this, a very popular expert came out and shared her new offering. In it she emphasized moving into massive action instead of talking or thinking about it. The timing was impeccable 🙂 I just had a conversation with a former client who told me for years she has been taking action when she is inspired and because there wasn’t enough planning to develop the change into something beneficial and sustainable many things just floundered. Thus, we come back to this topic for a little more clarity on how to do change in a beneficial manner!

Do you know when it’s time for a change?

Admittedly, we are creatures of habit and wait too long to make the change that is necessary. Then, because it is imperative for change to occur, we tend to make it haphazardly. I saw this as an Executive Recruiter with all sorts of companies as I helped them find the best change agent for what they needed to improve. As a Brilliant Business Coach I see the same with entrepreneurs… we simply wait far too long and then must do something different – and do; however, not always with the most favorable results!

How do you prepare yourself for an effective change?

  1. The very first time the idea comes to you, you need to write down everything that is presenting itself. (This is the “what”.)
  2. Then review your notes. Sit with this for a bit. Contemplate (ponder), or even brain-storm, the benefit of implementing this change. (This is the overall “why”.)
  3. Make a list of what positive and negative outcomes may occur from this change. Remember to include how this will impact you personally. (This is the deeper “why”.)
  4. Determine “when” it is best to implement the change. When do you want to have it in place. Clue: Yesterday is not an answer.  (This is the “when”.)

Slowing down, instead of taking action now, may assure wise choices for your change

Review your outcomes list and timeline:

  • Are they do-able?
  • Is this going to be beneficial for you and your business?
  • Is the marketplace ready for this change – especially when you want to roll it out?
  • Do you have all the necessary resources?
  • Is there something more you need to do to prepare?
  • Is it time for this change now, for your business? (Similar changes may not be right for all businesses. You and your business are unique, the contemplation and discernment process honor this.)

(This is “discernment“. It’s a slowing down process and asking all the necessary questions to assure you will be taking “right action”.  Through your discernment process you may find it isn’t the right action and need to release it or tweak it. Clue: It really depends if your change will support your overall vision of what your business is here to create.)

How to bring your new change to life

Did you notice that we haven’t even looked at the “How” to make this change happen yet?  Well there’s a reason for this… usually we go right to the “how” instead of spending enough time on the “what” and “why” of change. At the end of the day, there is no reason to take on change it is isn’t going to beneficial, right?  So first things first!

So let’s say you have taken the time to follow a conscious discernment process. What’s next?  The how 🙂 How do you do the “how”? You start with the end in mind.  If you are a yes, then we move to what is called “reverse engineering”. It’s the timeline of your implementation’s milestones of progress. Each step of your process has a timeline (deadline) attached to it so you stay on task. What this does is help you deliver your project by your desired implementation date for your change.

The easiest and oversimplified way to bring change to life:

  1. Select the date you wish to have your change implemented.
  2. From beginning to end, write out each task/step and assign how long it will take to accomplish each task.
  3. Take a calendar and start at your implementation date – sequentially assign each task (from the last one to the first one). This reveals how long the implementation process will take.
  4. Discern your timelines and the implement date for your change. Does something need to be tweaked? If so what, and how, by who and when? (Usually what happens is the tasks time-frames of completion are too long and your implementation date is further into the future than you anticipated! Then you get to discern what is best, tightening up the process or adjusting dates? Again, each business is unique and has a set of unique circumstances – honor yours appropriately! Note: Slowing down right here to discern will assist you greatly – it will prevent you from pulling your hair out later.

As you can see, taking time to plan for implementing change is the first massive action which guides what others tend to call massive action. It reminds me of the old wise saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” I know it looks like a lot here, but I wanted to make sure you have what you need when you start a new project! Print this up, or save it… even though it is oversimplified, it will still serve you quite well 🙂 Blessings of Success to you!

After reviewing this, what’s the one or two things you need to add to your implement of change process? … Please feel free to share in the comment section and let’s see how we can all help each other out!

 It can be all different this year…if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

If you or your business needs further coaching on this particular topic
or any other Business Strategies we have been discussing,
please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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  1. Detecting that change is needed is often the hardest. We usually get a sneaky feeling that we ignore until events happen that force us to change. Wouldn’t it be nice if we listened to those sneaky feelings more often. Thank you Maggie, for the reminder to listen to what’s inside. -Ginger

  2. I have made a plans for changes in 2014. I sat down and looked at all I had done in 2013 and saw what served me and what didn’t. Next I looked forward to 2014 to see where we need improvements. This was a very helpful exercise! Oh, did I mention that it was Maggie who provided me with the forms in able to do a through assessment of this nature? Yep, she once again helped my business begin to grow step by step towards profitability. Thanks Coach!!

    Blake Cahoon, Founder
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

    1. Yes! Having a couple really good tools to review what has transpired and what your high performers are in your business (people and offerings) is a great way to plan what the next year will look like. Glad you like the new tools 🙂 Blessings of ongoing success!

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