April 20


CEO pushes through without anyone knowing the truth

CEO Pushes Through:
How many leaders do this and no one
knows what’s really going on?

When a CEO pushes through depicted with a metal gray background minimally lit up and the phrase: "When CEOS and Business Leaders Push It" in gold.
CEOs Pushing Through It

CEO Pushes through ______? Unfortunately, this isn’t a new concept to you. Have you ever worked for a CEO who pushes through something? Are you the CEO who does the push through?

CEOs, or any leaders, tend to sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause.

I am that CEO. Are you?

Parents, Actors, Athletes, Business Leaders,
and CEOs are Doing the Push:

Parents do this all the time, often with grace, and no one is none the wiser when the have a private moment and collapse. Star athletes push themselves for the win. Leading actor have the saying, “the show must go on”, and it does! A CEO pushes through their days of meetings and projects. Most people will never know they are not at their best. Yet, we both know that as a CEO pushes through a day, so do many other Business Leaders. All Business Leaders, including CEOs are human and need some unexpected down time.

 THIS CEO Pushes Through X:

I am that CEO. I now admit for the past 3 weeks I have been pushing through the “3 week flu” that’s been going around. I couldn’t take it any more when I had to ask for a reschedule for the third time with Peter. That brought me to my knees! Other than Peter, no one else has been impacted by this except for me. Everyone else happens to have appointments scheduled for when I’ve been up instead of down. The Doctor told me that this little bugger will give you a misleading day or two of feeling well and then you’re down worse than before with no reason as to why and when it strikes.

With mysterious energy levels, I haven’t committed to anything extra! This has been the most frustrating part of this illness – it has messed with my performance level. Last Friday morning I asked my husband to take me to the doctor. He was surprised that I didn’t say after my blog post was written. I was so weak I could barely get into the car, much less think to create a post for you. Then I thought I could have it out by Saturday – no luck! Sorry about this; it was the first I missed in years!

What are you pushing through right now?

Your physical, mental, and emotional health impact your performance and your business’s performance. Take an extreme self-care time-out day as you need them and come back revitalized to serve again!

As any CEO pushes through, or any Business Leader pushes through, let’s be more aware and notice when they aren’t at their best and swiftly get them the relief they need. The sooner the better and everyone’s performance will be predictable again!

Please feel free to share what you know what type of self-care would improve your performance as a Business Leader… 


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

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p. s.: Take extreme care of yourself as soon as you know you aren’t right. Your business’s performance depends up it – you!


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