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Business Strategy: Understanding Leading and Managing Part 3

Do you know what leaders really do?
Why are managers sticklers for detail?

Are your Best Business Strategies working for you OR do you need a little tweaking your leadership effectiveness? Let’s see if we can help you tweak your own performance this week with some personal awarenesses and business strategies to lead with confidence and effectiveness. In Part 1 of this series we learned the definitions of leading and managing. In Part 2 of this series we learned the 4 basic functions of managers. This week, we will learn more about effective leading. I encourage you to click the links if you haven’t already read the other posts.

Puzzle pieces fitting
Merging Leading and Managing

Leaders function differently than managers, even with the best leaders being good mangers, they literally move differently! How so? Managers tend to stay in their own department. Leaders move around collecting intelligence – they are great researchers and ask their immediate staff (direct reports)  to share more intelligence (often in the form of data, research, or case studies) with them so they can make highly effective decisions for the organization to act upon (the execution of a plan).

Admittedly, leaders take the fall for everything that happens within the organization – or at least good leaders do. One of the reasons is because they are the figure-head, in addition to the one who is ultimately responsible for the organization’s performance since they are the one who makes the final decisions on which directions and actions should be taken.

I believe one of the easiest analogies to understand the role of a leader is to consider how the military functions. We know that Generals are leaders who make decisions on which missions to activate. Why? They are the accountable visionaries of the organization. They review all the intelligence, strategize with other experts and then make a decision according to what needs to happen (“We need to get (bomb/seize and control) the (hill/sea/bad guys) so we can (win the battle/war, etc.”).

Did you notice how they say an action will be taken to___ (obtain a certain goal) which ultimately assist with the overall objective? Well, if you are a business leader (corporate or entrepreneur) your job is the same. Modern day example I have been experiencing: my laptop is old, slow, full and is crashing too often (situation needing resolve). So I did some research for months, and spoke with lots of people about numerous options. Then I reviewed what I really wanted to utilize a new hardware component for to accomplish my objectives. Then I did more research, budgeting, and went to the experts in this field- sharing what I thought was best and why (to fulfill my objective). Additionally, I asked them if they had a better solution to my proposal and why. Ultimately, for phase one I bought a tablet (and I am pleased with this selection). Next, phase two: increased storage and security. What process do you think I will be following?

Leaders are the accountable visionaries and should surround themselves with the best talent/expertise available. Why? They will understand how all the tactical elements affect the overall strategy. Isn’t it better to measure twice and cut once? That’s what a great leader does with intelligence before taking action. It is the best way to ensure success!

Very few of us were taught effective leadership. Yes, I realize I didn’t share more leadership functions we will, next Monday! For now I wanted to demonstrate this example because it was different than how I would have resolved it as a manger. How so?  Typically, managers are experts in their field or department and they usually aren’t familiar with how everything integrates to bring organizational success. Whereas leaders, have the opportunity to move about the whole organization gather intelligence from all different aspects to determine what is best for the whole, not just one department. Hopefully this demonstrates the main difference enough. Again, please remember, we oversimplify here!

Business Rescue Coach’s Inquiry to YOU:

  1. How often do you function as an accountable visionary?

There are no right or wrong answer. This is for your own awareness. Feel free to share your answers in the comment section – we have much to learn from each other 🙂

It can be all different this year…
if you plan to deliver different results in 2013!

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
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