November 28


Business Strategy: 3 Efficiency Tips for YOU During the Holidays

Be more efficient:
3 tips for leaving the office by 5

Now that it’s the official Holiday Season, are you looking for more time in your schedule to get everything completed? If you are like most folks, the answer is, “Ah, duh, why of course I am!”

Now for those of you who have been following me, you will see that this particular article is not new information. Yet, it is concisely packaged in bite-sizes for a holiday tickler. Amy Levin-Epstein’s article shares strategies from  Julie Morgenstern’s book, Never Check Email in the Morning.

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I’ll share first: The one, of these three which needs my attention and commitment the most is the first tip. I’m so-so with this one. I am taking it on as a personal challenge for the Holiday Season – which means one thing: a new habit as we flip our calendars to 2012 🙂 How about you? It’s YOUR turn: Which one are you ready to tackle?

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