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Business Resource: The myth of an entrpreneurial personality Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Do you think you aren’t the typical Small Business Owner?
Is it necessary for you to conform to entrepreneurial-ship?
Do you enjoy doing business “your way”?

The world in a box
Is your world in a box?
How are all those business strategies that everyone told you to do working out for you lately? Most likely, not too well. Why? Too often entrepreneurs are placed in a box, which in my mind completely defeats the purpose of being an entrepreneur in the first place!!! Crazy, isn’t it?!?!

Apparently many people believe entrepreneurs are the “Big Dreamers” and risk takers. This “dreaming” part might be true but I don’t see many “risk-takers” create successful and sustainable businesses. Usually, I see them immediately move to the “what action items must I take to support the big dream?”, not the “I have a big dream”. Those who don’t make this shift end up creating a “hobby” from which they make some money – from time to time.

Being an eternal-optimist is important, at times, and equally destructive at other times. Effective entrepreneurs tend to be practical and analytical realists, with a balanced attitude of optimism. These tend to support the “never give up” behavior when times are challenging; however, the wisest of entrepreneurs knows when to cut their losses.

There’s one more entrepreneurial personality myth to discuss per the recommended article: the “Self-promoter” myth. Again, the most successful entrepreneurs I know and have witnessed in action are not about self-promotion. Quite the contrary! Usually they are all about serving their marketplace and always asking questions to learn how to do that much more effectively.

In the linked article written by one of the most accurate business writers I encounter today,  Michael Hess, reveals these 4 myths and goes into greater awareness.  Please take time to read this CBS News Blog:  The myth of the entrepreneurial personality

I’d love to hear which myths you still believe or why you think these myths still exist today…. Let’s share in the comment below section please!

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