November 7


Business Resource: Steve Jobs as a Role Model for Leaders Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Curious how you can manage others more effectively?
What is effective leadership?

Your Business Strategy of managing talent, including your own, is critical to a business’s success. Can we all agree upon this please? Then, why on earth is it the last thing we do?

I find it quite fascinating that at a time when talent is the key differentiator of a business’s competitive advantage (because we all have the same technological capabilities now), that managers, business owners, and human resource professionals have forgotten how to develop this very same human potential.

I don’t know why or how, but something very strange happened: when Human Resources started to automate their processes and downsize the manpower of  HR Departments; simultaneously, hiring managers became more hands-off in developing their people. It’s a strange phenomena, and it’s undeniably mainstream now!

Without a doubt, one of the most controversial leaders in our time is Steve Jobs.  Love him or lump him, he has become a leadership icon. But do you know why? Do you agree with why? Do you want to adopt his style? Chances are probably not! Jobs happen to be a statistical outlier when it came to his leadership’s effectiveness.

Find out what make Jobs so unique by reading this Harvard Business Review Blog by  Darren Overfield and Rob Kaiser:  Was Steve Jobs a Role Model of Leaders? Article.

Curious what you think… leave a comment here your read the article!

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