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Business Resource: Should Your Business Website Be Your Soapbox? Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Have you co-mingled your personal and professional lives online?
Do you have separate platforms to voice your personal beliefs, other than your business site?
Is your social media interaction hindering your business?

Business Strategy: Co-mingling?

A successful business strategy for many business owners and professionals is to keep personal opinions out of your business, unless it is a fundamentally significant aspect of your business. This has been understood for decades and every now and then the two were co-mingled; however, with the social media age, this melding is occurring more  frequently… and it may not be beneficial for most businesses. Are you one of them?

A particular social media savvy client of mine has been broaching this topic with me for the past several months. She has just launched a new business and gaining great online traffic. Isn’t that fabulous? She is quite a socially responsible person and wants to weigh in on some of these hot and sometimes silly topics (she’s quite the pragmatic one) that are popping up everywhere! Yet, her greater concern is to assure her business stays intact. So what does she do? She keeps her keyboard free from all “hot-topic” opinions because she understands that her businesses needs to be secure from highly opinionated people and it’s best for her to fly under the radar screen.

This is a very important topic for each of us to explore as we too deserve the opportunity to have the freedom of speech 🙂 Lately I have been pondering a potential alternative to the situation…  Create a “mystery” identity for yourself which would be completely unrelated to who you are and your business. Now the key here is to NEVER link your business to your mystery identity- no matter how tempting it is! The following is a great article which share a recent co-mingling and several tips for you to consider.

Read this CBS News Blog by  Michael Hess:  Should Your Business Website Be Your Soapbox?

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