October 17


Business Resource: Is your business a mensch? Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Curious what a mensch is?
Curious how you can become mensch-like in 5 steps?

Sometimes our business strategies let us down, but not if you are mensch business! So what on earth is mensch? Mensch is a Yiddish word which implies the highest praise one could give a person… think “impeccable“, and you are on the right track!

The mensch business tends to be anchored in mensch people being the leader or leaders of the business. Afterall, businesses, all organizations, are mere reflections of the people who are are making decisions. Thus, mensch businesses tend to reflect mensch leadership. Warning: Mensch businesses don’t appear over night. Becoming mensch involves a great deal of commitment and practice until mastery is achieved!

What are the elements of one becoming mensch?

  1. Always do the right thing*
  2. Say what you mean, mean what you say*
  3. Be good to people*
  4. Be dependable*
  5. Be a mensch yourself!*

*Note: I know these appear to be the basics, but I encourage you to read the depth of each of these 5 points… they are different than you expect!  Additionally, if you already think you are a mensch, Michael’s 5 points will provoke your through-process to go a little deeper 🙂

Please share your thoughts in the comment section after you read this CBS News Blog by a phenomenal writer who actually knows what’s going on our there! Michael Hess: Is your business a mensch? Article


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