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Business Resource: How to be a better manager in 9 minutes Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Curious how you can manage others more effectively?
Curious how you can manage yourself more effectively?


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Business Strategy of managing talent, including your own, is critical to a business’s success. Can we all agree upon this please? Then, why on earth is it the last thing we do?

I find it quite fascinating that at a time when talent is the key differentiator of a business’s competitive advantage (because we all have the same technological capabilities now), that managers, business owners, and human resource professionals have forgotten how to develop that very same human potential.

I don’t know why or how, but something very strange happened: when Human Resources started to automate their processes and downsize the manpower of  HR Departments; simultaneously, hiring managers became more hands-off in developing their people. It’s a strange phenomena, and it’s undeniably mainstream now!

A good while back I wrote about having a “5 Minute Facetime” moment with each of your direct reports, each day (sharing project updates, quick training to assist them with their project’s success, and answer any Qs they have for you). I still stand behind that 100%.  Now here’s another layer to that, if you so choose to apply it 🙂 

Additionally, for those of you who run a solo gig, don’t shy away from this as you are the manager of many different functions of your business… some department managers (AKA you) need more TLC from you, as the boss, much more than you realize. Play with it and notice the improvements you can make in becoming more efficient and effective.

Read this CBS News Blog by  Suzanne Lucas:  How to be a better manage in 9 minutes

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