October 25


Business Resource: Business lessons from the Dalai Lama Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
Curious what the Dalai Lama can teach about business?
What does the Dalai Lama say about how to treat your stakeholders??

Sometimes our business strategies let us down, but His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, has some important insights about your business strategies and how to run a flourishing business! Yes, you heard right a Buddhist monk sharing great business strategies… isn’t this just simply awesome 🙂

Last week we wrote about having a “mensch” business  and now this week we will hear some more wisdom about how to realize this! The Dalai Lama says it’s all about “warmheartedness”. When we as people live this way, instead of being self-absorbed, everything become harmonious. So if a business reflects its staff’s attitudes and way of being, then why wouldn’t warmheartedness be an important key to a successful business?

There’s a more modern phrase for this concept, “feelin’ the love”. So why wouldn’t you allow your stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, and financial backers) to feel the love or your warmheartedness? I surely don’t know why someone wouldn’t – other than they are self-absorbed.

When I work with clients this is one of the things I assess, do they have “the other” focus (making others the most important)? Do they understand why each one of the stakeholders, AKA: everyone, needs to be treated exquisitely? Do they personally and professionally live by the concept of being mindful (and now, warmheartedness)? … Do you?

Please share your thoughts in our  comment section after you read this CBS News Blog by a phenomenal writer who actually knows what’s going on! Michael Hess: Business lessons from the Dalai Lama Article


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