May 16


Business Resource: 10 Behaviors of the Hyper-Successful Article

YOUR Business Rescue Coach asks:
What does success look like to you?
How do you think hyper-successful people act?

I was going to share a Business Movie Review for this post, but decided that it may be better to wait. Next week I will share my review with you regarding the touching movie, War Horse. During the beginning of June I will also review The Avengers for you:)

So why did you think this article trumped a movie review today? It’s synchronicity of 3 things: one, I heard someone talking about “posers” or fraudulent business professionals who look good but can’t deliver the transformational goods to their clients; two, shortly after hearing about posers, I read this article; three, I will be at a very large networking event and thought it could be fun to observe this new awareness!

I really liked reading this article because it addresses people being authentic, or not, regarding who they are and what they do. What do I mean by this? I just heard someone tell me that they know so many nice _____ sales agents… and then seeing them nastily chewing out their kids-yikes!  Now we are pretty wise and realize this occurs in all professions. The real question is, why? Why put on a mask/facade? Why aren’t people being authentic and presenting themselves with integrity? The posers are being identified and less tolerated these days- and this is a good thing 🙂

Do yourself a favor and make sure you read the list and assure your actions are in alignment with who you really are… if so, you will attract people who want to become your customers and they are easy to work with because they like you!

Click here to read this eye-opening article from Michael Hess at CBS News: 10 Behaviors of the Hyper-Successful Article

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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