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Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery Strategies: Marketing Activities

Hello Brilliant Business Owners and Leaders!

Last week I sat with a gent who had shifted his business focus. About a month ago we had breakfast and he asked, “Do you know of a really good networking book to read?” This one was just a little too easy to answer:  “Networking is a Contact Sport” by Joe Sweeney. I will be sharing my over-simplified review of this book within the week- so hang tight for those insights! Why? Joe has the best approach to networking that I have learned and witnessed, first hand. Now I recommend this book to all my clients with great assurance.

So last week as we were sitting over a cup of coffee, or way too many cups of coffee is more appropriate, Bill had asked me about the marketing concept introduced in Joe’s book. This opened the door to the overall concept of marketing  and networking activities and we could have sat their all day. I reflected back… (insert harp music here) when I was an executive recruiter for one of the most successful offices in the world, I learned a strategy to marketing that will always bring success to anyone who is dedicated to implementing and executing this consistently. Are you ready for the #1 Clue on how to market effectively?

Marketing needs to be a consistent activity that is at the strategic forefront of every business owner and business leader. Marketing is all about visibility! That’s right, how much exposure you provide yourself (if it’s appropriate exposure) will determine your success. That’s pretty simple and easy isn’t it? … and yet, it this is where people get snagged- it’s too easy! This is why I think everyone can be an effective marketer! Now this is why too many folks aren’t reaping the reward of marketing- seizing the moment! Carpe diem! You never know when your next customer might be right in front of you and if you aren’t opening the door to share who you are and what you do, you may miss your golden opportunity!

I shared that one of the most common marketing concepts is:  market for at least half of your business day. ALWAYS! That’s right, at least half of your work day should be dedicated to meeting people, introducing yourself and services to others, and asking for their business. The whole concept is every day, for at least half a day… and that’s when business is super hot and you are going like gangbusters to satisfy your customers 🙂 Now, I know this is a mind-bending concept for most and you can tell me that’s not realistic or practical and I understand BUT that doesn’t alter that this has been proven time and time again – regardless of the industry, the product, how big your list is, or even your skills and training/educational level. The good news it all simply doesn’t matter- the only thing that really does matters is that you are having promoting conversations for half of your business day!

Now remember I said half a day of marketing, every day, even when business is red hot? Well, right now you are probably saying but what about when business is slow? I know you aren’t going to like this one either.. Here’s the answer, with no sugar coating on it: market all day when business is slow. That’s right, when you don’t have anyone to serve, you should have your primary focus become marketing, networking ,and finding new folks to share your goodness with!

Alright, it just came very clear to me that this topic is worth two postings (otherwise it will be endless)! So let’s stop here and we’ll pick up part two tomorrow

Self-Discovery Clues:
1. Need to complete my re-branding and re-imaging so I can succinctly share my business’s Purpose (why it exists), Vision (overall what I am aiming to accomplish), and my Mission (how I will accomplish my visions via particular and specific actions). All this will be reflected in my profiles/bios, offerings, and website revamp.
2.  I own that I haven’t been consistently accomplishing 4 hours of marketing each day.
3. Need to start building a new plan to have active marketing a priority again 🙂

Questions for YOU:
1. Looking at the 3 Clues above, do you your Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements rock solid?
2. Is all your marketing and branding consistent?
3. Do you have a marketing plan for half a day of active marketing?

If you or your business needs rescuing on this particular topic or any other Strategies we have been discussing, please reach out to Maggie (262) 716.7750   FYI: I’m in the Central Time Zone

Tomorrow’s posting will be the conclusion to this topic.  Until then,hope you are marketing 🙂

Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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