June 21


Business Rescue Coach’s Self-Discovery: Balance Strategies

Alright, by now you may have heard that I am on a 9 day “unplug” to self-new vacation. So then how can you possibly be getting this? Well, I pre-wrote and pre-scheduled all my postings prior to buggin” out of town, that’s how. Why? Because there is nothing worse than getting in a habit of doing something and then things change to break that rhythm. Thus with just a little pre-work and I’m able to serve you even while cruisin’ on our Harley… how’s that for a good business strategy and excellent customer service? I’d love to hear some feedback from you as to how this information is impacting you and your business- comments are welcomed and I will respond to each one upon my return 🙂

So this discovery is all about balance. There are far too many books out there by experts that address this. However, I’m not convinced they all address balance to the manner our fast-paced, techno-addicted society needs it to be addressed. OK, so here’s one of those things that really agitates me: the phrase “time management”. Oh yeah, this one really gets me squinting up my face and curling up my nose- every time! Why? time management is a myth!!!

Don’t scratch your head too long… I say time management is a myth because you can not manage time. Time is one of the most precious resources we have because it is always diminishing. So, then, what should we focus on? Productivity performance- something we can actually manage! We can manage how effective we are as we produce… or, in some cases the lack of productivity. For clarity’s sake, the lack of productivity is different from taking a time-out.

Vacations, lunch breaks, scooting out early after accomplishing a great deal of work can actually revitalize workers. Research continues to build that we are a society out of balance. I recently hear that, if I remember correctly the number was almost 50%, Americans will not take the vacation time they have earned (for a number of different reasons- all were ridiculous)! So, as you plan your work, plan your non-work time as well. Give yourself the breaks you need to come back to work all fresh again 🙂 You will have extra energy and most likely be ready to jump right back into it again with a big smile on your face!

1. Working long to complete special projects warrants additional time off to balance your life, your energy levels, and optimize your productivity.
2. Sometimes, extremes are good. Unplugging is extreme, but beneficial after working diligently to prepare a new image as The Business Rescue Coach and re-branding Brilliant Breakthroughs. (Wait to see what happens when I come back-the progression rate will be astonishing.)

Questions for YOU
1. Are you getting the breaks you need? If not, why? What can you to correct this immediately?
2. Have you noticed that you have energetic strength at certain times of the day? How can you schedule your activities to do your most critical tasks during that particular time?
3. When was the last time you took a vacation, all of it… what about whimsically?

Blessings of Success to YOU~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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