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Business Movie Review: “OZ the Great and Powerful” Business Strategies

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What can the movie, “OZ the Great and Powerful” (2013) teach us about business?

Oz the Great and Powerful, Image by
Oz the Great and Powerful, Image by


This movie’s goal was to explain why the characters, from the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz“, are who we have known them to be. Without any spoilers; it delivers! This movie is great for cerebral types who like connecting dots. The  production is exceptional as well. So, let’s dive into the lessons from this magical land 🙂


Oz was faced with a dilemma which required “fresh” thinking so the opponent wouldn’t know what to expect. So he utilized all his wisdom, adapted items from other sources and uses, and utilized the craftsmanship of the locals to create a new concept. Even though this vision came to him when he was doing something totally unrelated; it was sheer genius!

How often do you have REALLY “different”thoughts of how something could be in your own business? Throughout history, most of the innovative ideas where created from combining other concepts from other industries to a different industry and adapting them to what would be most useful. Doubt me? Study the history of how Post-It Notes, toasters, fireman’s gear, or even the IPhone was created. TIP: Keep your eyes and mind wide open and see what you may be able to create to differentiate yourself in your marketplace 🙂

CONFIDENCE: Living Boldly

Oz was invited to go into a land, where he knew nothing and no one, and “save” them. At first his ego was his motivator, but then things changed. Oz became aware of what was needed and boldly lived to his fullest capability.

As business leaders, how often do we get opportunities to step into a project which will allow us to boldly live to serve up our best? How often do you accept them? Even if you are a solo-entrepreneur, this invitation is always staring you in the face… why not just take the leap with faith- knowing all is well? Better yet, why not create these types of opportunities for others on your team and see how this impacts the overall business performance. I bet you will be elated!


This one made me go to the dictionary… Oz exhibited perseverance, but wasn’t consistent with having tenacity; yet, he was steadfast. Steadfast implies staying strong, against the opposition, due to moral convictions. Oz was expected to flee in the most immoral manner he was capable of at a particular point in the storyline; however, he did not.

How often in business do we have choices to make conscientious (right and morally appropriate) decisions? Very often! Often when we make conscientious decisions we actually gain a far greater win than we ever anticipated. Why? Conscientious decisions are made from viewing a situation from all sides and then making a choice which will serve in the highest good. As a business leader, are you slowing down and making conscientious decisions to gain the greatest impact for your organization?

NOTE: If you are trying to find some great movies to watch during this Holiday, look at the right hand column on this site and click on the category titled “Movie Reviews”. There is a variety of over 20 movies to enjoy 🙂 

Blessings of  a Joyous Easter to Everyone!

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