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Self-Discovery Clues of a Business Branding and Image

Welcome back! Remember that Business Identity crisis thingy I was talking about? Well, it was an enormous awareness for me to bring through The Business Rescue Coach! I am a Business Strategist or, more appropriately as I recently learned, a Master Business Strategist because I help my clients become brilliant strategists of their own businesses. We rescue them from the businesses they have created and help them become wildly successful and insanely profitable!

Now I’ll begin to share what I learned during my self-discovery process/journey of ID-ing myself and my business…

For the past several months people have been telling me, “You don’t approach business in the manner than most business coaches do”. Now, I’m sure you can imagine how this added to the confusion and frustration of trying to “land” my identity – wow, my little noggin was working overtime! So I started asking folks, “What are you referring to when you say that?” Typical response was, “Well, business coaches are only concerned with the financial books” or “my life coach is trying to teach me how to run my business when they are struggling at running theirs!”

This was absolutely fantastic – I finally had a couple of clues to work with and began to define myself. I knew that (a) I served small business, (b) I was all about creating balance for my clients as they approached their internal operations, and (c) that if my clients understood how to conduct strategic thinking and planning, they would be successful and profitable (my phrase: “wildly successful and insanely profitable”).

I also knew that strategic business thinking and planning is typically uncommon for business owners and most managers because their strength is their passion/gift (the business’s offerings) to serve humanity. After all, that is why they are in business, not because they know how to build and sustain a successful and profitable business with all of the intricacies of business being met.

FYI: I do believe this is how most businesses start… from that point of passion or expertise. Without this particular spark, businesses don’t thrive- so always keep fanning your spark 🙂 With this awareness, I took the approach that business owners and/managers are experts who are filled with their passion and expertise to provide exceptional offerings to their customers. This is how they thrive AND it’s also why so many struggle to survive.

About two years after I resigned my corporate position, I visited the old office. My former boss asked, “So how are you helping folks?” My statement, “I help small businesses to get the same opportunities of success as the large corporations do, but for a fraction of the cost”. Being an accountant, he couldn’t resist, “How do you do that?” My answer (years ago, but still holds true today), “I take proven traditional and cutting edge business techniques and distill them into a practical and tactical manner for small business to understand and then immediately apply it into their businesses. I can do this customized work at a fraction of the cost because I don’t have significant overhead. My clients love it because we tailor or customize business strategies to their particular circumstances and they see immediate results”. … This seems like a great place to stop and discover my clues that have been revealed thus far.

Self-Discovery Clues

* I was different than most business coaches
* I am superb at developing successful strategies and suggesting how to implement them
* I can see both the big picture as well as the details simultaneously
* I am a teacher/wisdom-sharer
* I believe there is enough business out there for everyone to be a winner
* I like working with small businesses because we can see immediate impact of our work
* I do teach my clients how to apply the techniques of good strategic planning to their business
* I am focused and light-hearted while working with clients- fun is important during this work
* I assure that we look at all the different aspects interfacing with the topic we are improving
* I can distill complex business practices into a commonly understood concept that is applicable
* I, with my clients, co-create balance in their Success Plan
* I help clients customize the strategy/strategies for their optimization and immediate results

Questions for you:
1. When was the last time you took a “pause” and examined or re-discovered some of your golden nuggets?
2. Apparently, I have my golden nuggets/clues lying all around me, do you?
3. Why don’t you make a list of Your Self-Discovery Clues too (starting each clue with the word “I”) and share some of your nuggets with us here 🙂

Blessings to YOUR Success~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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  1. Hello Maggie,

    I really like your new name, The Business Rescue Coach. I feel that you are going to be very successful as you have an amazing way on how to present your help for every business, nothing is to big or small for you. Thank you for your many kind words of encourgement for myself, you will so busy soon that we will have to book appointments with you, even to phone.
    You go Girl ……………..
    Peace and wellness to you,

    1. Yes, the new image does fit the work I have been doing quite well, doesn’t it?!?! Keep reading- there will be many clues to help you as you are branding your business for the first time… Success to you as well (on the first go around)!

  2. What a great a piece Coach. Brilliant as usual!!. Nice to see a fresh perspective and twist in the conventional manner things are done. Oh, but that’s right, you have always done that. My success is yours. Thanks for being the best Coach EVER.

  3. I love how you always seem to receive clarityat the perfect moment. You are always evolving and this comes through in your coaching.

    Because you have gone through this process yourself, you are able to know exactly how I feel and what I have been going through! That’s exactly the type of coach I need.

    Thank you for being your true self because this enables me, to be my true self- in business AND in my personal life.

    Together with your business expertise, your intuition and your personal experience, many businesses will flourish and grow and become “insanely successful and wildly profitable.”

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Thanks for noticing who I am, how I approach things, and what some of the ingredients are to my “secret sauce”. I appreciate the compliment and look forward to sharing this with many more small business owners and managers/leaders.

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