December 23


Twas the Night before Christmas Eve for Small Business

‘Twas the Night before Christmas Eve
and Your Business is What?

Christmas Small Business Peacefulness
Christmas and Small Business go together like stockings and chimneys.

“Your Business is what? Closing shop? How can this be?”, said the Grinch. Small Businesses unite! Fight that big bad old Grinch! 

The Christmas Grinch was designed in the last century and that’s where his striking thoughts should be kept – in the last century. Your 21st century Business is wiser, more agile, more compassionate than last century’s business. So clear your calendar, and be jolly! Gift time and ease to yourself and your team.

Right now, I know you are saying. “Gee Maggie, you always talk about Holiday Head and how it shouldn’t get the best of us. So why the shift?” Well, right now, it’s time to be gentle with yourself and recoup. The last couple of years you, your team, and your business have endured unexpected stress and doubled-down.

REMEMBER: Everything in nature needs balance to grow – this includes you too!

Being a mindful Business Owner during Christmas and the Holiday Season doesn’t require much. In fact it is very simple. Give what people want most – time. That’s right, all the research reveals people want time off more than anything. Bet you didn’t know that – it’s my little gift to you.

Further, plenty of research reveals that when people are rejuvenated, they are more creative and innovative. As we move into the new year, fresh perspectives are in order around here. Are they for your business and people as well?

Make sure you click on the blue Holiday Head hyperlink above. There are tips included on how to do a condensed workweek during the Holiday Season.

Blessings of Peace, Warmth, and Prosperity!


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p.s.: One of your key components as a Business Owner is how peaceful you can be to be more effective as a leader and human. Taking time to improve your peacefulness is both a short-term and long-term gain! 

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