March 1


Business Strategy: Signs of incompetence

Say it ain’t so … ah, but it is!

Thanks everyone for your calls and prayers re: my pappa. Happy to say my family is blessed with such a miracle of his successful surgery and outstanding recovery 🙂

Today’s article is a very good one for small-medium size business owners. Margaret Heffernan is simply brilliant and well-accomplished! Being a CEO of 5 businesses in the USA and UK, Margaret has seen it all – and isn’t afraid to say it like it is. The following article is written for larger businesses, and yet it is extremely relevant to small business. Take a look at Margaret’s list, and see if any of this has seeped into your business lately. If so, make the adjustments immediately!

I’ve witnessed all of these while as a executive recruiter, a not-for-profit leader, and as a business coach. The two I’ve watched become the  most dangerous are “bias against action” and “a love of secrets”, as they erode the culture and productivity. Read the article, what might be seeping into your world? More so, comment which one you witness occurring the most these days….

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