November 7


Business Strategy: Boost Performance by Scheduling Time-Off

What, how can taking a day or two off possibly improve your productivity?

 Workaholics, wake up! Wake up to realizing how much you need to get away and unplug for a bit! If you are feeling like you are having withdrawals hearing that, it is important for you to read on… Whatever you do while you are away from your work will significantly assist you with what you are trying to complete. Yes, I promise it will improve your performance!

I know, this appears as blasphemy to you. It’s hard to imagine this is even possible. I know – I was there!  People who have met me in the last 10 years can’t even conceive that I was workaholic, a Type A, and a machine that was nothing but work and family driven… burning out a little each day without it being noticeable. Are you there – right there? I was, and in a b-i-g way!

Imagine, a top performer slaying every dragon that is placed in front of them. That was me.  Then, I started to become less effective and couldn’t slay the biggest and baddest dragons as I once did. It took a great deal more energy and time for me to be successful. Then my health started to deteriorate, my performance dissipated, I wasn’t feeling well, and my performance plummeted even further.

Eventually, medical attention and surgery was required – I am grateful this wasn’t anything like a heart attack and didn’t have any residual impactors. I am grateful that I was a top-performer and had a great deal of flexibility as I was going through all this, as well as my speedy recovery. Additionally, I am grateful for all this because I learned how to play – well this, and then us getting our motorcycle  🙂

I share this because research is still revealing that many of us aren’t taking the time we need to revitalize our bodies, mind, and spirit. It is necessary for us to do this!  I just scooted out of the office last week for 2 days. All my customers knew I would be away and we tended to everything before I left. While I was away I had a phenomenal time! I played, I laughed, I slept in, I ate too much, and I remembered how important it is to take time off to revitalize us and our business.

I have a client who is in the service industry and as we were reviewing monthly productivity we noticed that in January their business almost comes to a screeching halt (all their customers come in during the last 6 weeks of the year for an appointment). Almost no one comes in for an appointment in January, their staff is exhausted from prior extra-ordinary demands, and of course their overhead costs still occur because they are open for business. So what do you think I proposed? To pick a week in early January to be “Closed” and everyone who has worked their tails off for the 6 weeks prior gets a week to recoup. Now this is a big step; however, they are considering it.

How can you close your shop for a day or two?

Performance Booster Plan for You:

What do you need to do to prepare to do this in a good way?

  • Plan to take a day or two – or even a week, totally off before the year ends (well maybe not if you are in retail).
  • Then, plan another time away for the first and second quarter of 2012.
  • Be prepared to come back ready to engage at an unexpected level of energy and creativity.

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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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