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Business Strategies from THE BUTLER Movie Review

Business Strategies via watching movies… Does it get any better than this?

What can the movie, “The Butler” (2013)
teach about business strategies?

This true story turned movie was outstanding and with a star studded cast! The blog’s theme for this month is passion – it’s one of the most neglected business strategies. So guess what I’ll be talking about? The purpose and benefit of Passion, as a professional tool, and plenty of it. The movie, “The Butler” was bursting with passion! Passion for one’s country, equality, power, lust, love, justice, morals, ethics, opportunities, appropriateness, and even inappropriateness. The Butler is filled with real characters who learned how to figure out life – sometimes to their advantage and others times to their detriment. Regardless, this is a beautiful movie of dedicated service on many different levels. A must see for all adults! No spoilers in this post at all 🙂 Here’s my top three business strategies from this movie…

Knowing what to do when you are in a moment

When you are in a moment, do you know what to do? Do you react or respond to the circumstances? During the movie, each of the main characters did their best in each moment as they were introduced to something new. At times, their choices served them well and other times their choices created difficulties. You would think getting an invite to the White House would be great… well, at times, yes and no for our beloved characters. The main characters were guided by their core values and made choices accordingly.

Business Strategy #1 Pondering: Do you tend to respond (you choose your actions or words) or do you react (knee-jerk re-action)? Knowing your core values will guide you well throughout life. Living your core values will guide you to a life you will be satisfied with as your reflect upon your personal and professional experiences. Often, just by knowing your own core values, you will gain enough awareness to help you respond versus react. If you feel like you are about to react just take a deep breathe and pick one of your core values. Allow it to guide what you say or do next!

Learning where the edge is and when to jump

Throughout the movie the main characters are always pushing the edge… trying to figure out just where the edge is and their relationship to it. At times they even find when it’s time to jump because the edge is unstable.

Business Strategy #2 Pondering: Do you know where your growing edge is? You know, when you push the envelope (in a good way) and expand…  How often are you giving yourself an opportunity to live on your growing edge? I’m familiar with how scarey it can be living on the edge of a cliff and I also know how liberating it is too look out and smile. Heck, I even know how you poo in your pants if you take a leap off that edge, but most importantly I also know I grow wings to soar as I leap. Are you AND your business growing enough? If not, it might be time to look at amping up your business strategies for your success!

Business Strategies: The Butler Movie Review
Business Strategy Movie Review

Leaders tend to tow a heavy price for their ideals

We’ve all heard, “It’s lonely at the top” and there’s quite a few reasons why this is truthful at times. Leaders tend to be trailblazers. The movie’s main characters are definitely working to bring their ideals into reality! Throughout the movie we are given examples of phenomenal leadership. These leaders remember their role and who is important (clue: it’s not them). Great leaders never think their charge is about them. Regardless of the price they must pay, true leaders always remember their purpose and passion is to serve for the greater good of all.

Business Strategy #3 Pondering: Do you lead from your ideals, ideals and practicality, or practicality (which could even be one of your core values)? Are you comfortable not leading or do you want to control your own destiny? At times we need to be practical and other time we are called to throw caution to the wind and stand in our convictions. Both are equally important and needed. Are you maximizing the opportunity behind this business strategy? I’ve learned over the years that I need ideals and practicality to be a balancing act of business strategies for me to create a Brilliant Business 🙂

Take a moment to stifle this coach’s curiosity… Please share in the comment section which of these business strategies is what you want to hear more about.

If you need assistance on any of these business strategies or something else to help your business shine, please contact me. I’d be happy to learn if I can help you or refer to another who is capable of resolving your needs!

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  1. Great movie!

    I think I am working on #1 Timing right now. I need to know more about #2 Edging it to full understand. And leadership can be lonely (#3). I don’t think there’s a lot of great leaders in the world today–prove me wrong!

    Blake Cahoon

    1. Thanks for sharing and I will make sure we talk more about “Edging It” in the future. Start looking for it showing up 🙂 Regarding your leadership statement: I agree we need more great leaders. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a long list of fabulous examples on this topic?

  2. Totally agree Passion is the #1 need to run your own business. Passion can so easily be squashed with all the hum drum of life. The movie was wonderful at so many levels. Everyone had passion. The movie showed clearly how timing was necessary.

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