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Business Movie Review: The Purpose of Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Brilliant Business Movie Review

Mr. Popper's Penguins Business Movie Review Ticket
Every Business Owner will learn at least 3 business strategies from Mr. Popper’s Penguins movie.

What can this movie teach 
us about our business?

Jim Carrey’s character (Mr. Popper is a lonely boy who has become an adult after the opening scene of the movie. Mr. Popper happens to be a successful businessman who is divorced and doesn’t have custody of his two children. His character is, pardon the pun, cold. The movie opens with a rather touching extended scene of our beloved Popper in the years of his youth. Don’t worry, no spoilers here! Even though the ending is not a surprise, it is a well-written family movie and helps us remember to make the important things in life important 🙂 Warning: It’s a simple little light-hearted movie that will first melt and then warm your heart!

NOTE: This Business Movie Review was originally posted in 2011.

Remember Your Core Values

Mr. Popper was once a very nice kid and even a nice adult and then unfavorable attributes of success took hold of him. He became a different man and it wasn’t becoming. His choices allow him to forget who he really was at the core – a nice guy! It’s really important not to lose sight of your core values. I always think this is what a best friend is for – to keep you remembering your truth!

Take the time now to explore core values. Dig deep to unearth what is most important to you and why? Make a list of 3-5 core values and make sure your actions align with these at all times.

Success: Define it NOW and Review Your Definition Often

This is one of those movies that takes you right back to the basics. So often we hear, “Don’t let success get the best of you” or “Wow, ____ changed now that they are so successful”.  This is so common that I have more than one client that is afraid of succeeding because they don’t want to become a jerk (apparently there are plenty of successful people that are behaving badly)! Here’s your opportunity to show others that you have ALL OF THE RIGHT STUFF.

Curious how this can occur? Again, it has everything to do with how you prepare yourself for success. Have you taken the time to write a definition of what “success is to me” yet? If not, perhaps now is the time! Make sure to include everything that isn’t financial too!

Over 10 years ago, I was speaking with a gent in his sixties and he shared the following, “Never fall in love with something that you can’t wrap your arms around.” Now how’s that for wisdom? Define your success and return to this document often. Each time you do, allow it to straighten your arrow so you can strike your bulls-eye. (Hey, that sounds like Cpt. Jack Sparrow’s compass, doesn’t it?)

Opportunities are Often in Disguise

This movie is filled with tasty morsels of opportunities being disguised. Almost every scene provides the viewer an “Oh”, “Aha”, or “Yep” moment that reminds you of things you heard older and wiser family members say. Even without that wisdom most of us are aware that you never know how the right, bigger, or better thing will present itself; therefore, it is important to pursue all opportunities. After all, isn’t this the American Dream? 🙂

That’s right, I told you this was a movie that was all about getting back to the basics. I sure hope you do!

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  1. I will definitely have to watch this movie now. As a children’s book, it was great (set in England, not America). I have often used movies as an analogy for a life’s situations.

    1. Great! There are always a great number of lessons in stories, aren’t there? If there is one you think would be wonderful for me to review on the business side of things, I’d be happy to see what may come of it 🙂 Welcome to the Blog and enjoy the sharings!

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