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Business Movie Review: “The Avengers” Business Strategies

YOUR Business Rescue Coach invites you to the movies:

Let’s Stop, Look, and Listen to the Business Lessons
we learn from the Movies…

We receive lessons in the most unique places. Believe it or not, the movies provide wonderful business lessons for us! I enjoy noticing lessons which share what to do, or what not to do, as I find both are of equal value!

The Avengers
Business Rescue Coach: Think Win-Win with The Avengers

What can the movie, “The Avengers” (2012) teach us about business?

Avengers is one of 2012’s blockbusters. It received an enormous amount of pre-release hype and rightly so! The script was well developed with each character’s strengths and weaknesses fully understood by the viewer. Yes, there was plenty of action, but more importantly there was a great storyline to follow with other side stories occurring, which only enhanced the main plot. I’m not going to spoil it with sharing any more 🙂


At a pivotal point in the plot Agent Phil Coulson (the good guy who gathered The Avengers team members to avenge earth) said to the movie’s bad guy, Loki, “You’re gonna lose. . . . it’s in your nature. . . . you lack conviction.” It was true. Loki was so hyped up on any progress, that he didn’t keep his focus on his true objective.  How many times do you get distracted by, as I say, “bright, shiny things” or an unexpected success to throw you off your game? Stay true to your strong belief/s and don’t allow circumstances to waiver and hamper your success!

SET ASIDE YOUR EGO: Don’t let your pride hamper your success

The Avenger team members all are awesome super-heroes in their own right. Imagine having great talent, being successful all the time, and everyone loving you because you can deliver awesome results when no one else can. Amazing isn’t it? I guess that’s why they’re super-heroes! As we know, when great success occurs the temptation of feeling a little “too super” or even acting upon often hinders our success.  Do you allow your wins to impact your progression by becoming a distraction?

When I was a recruiter, my boss had a saying that everyone in the office repeatedly heard. He said it right after we closed a big deal and were on a “high”. He said, “I know it will be tempting to take the rest of the day off, but I’m going to tell you the best time for you to get back into the marketplace is now. Allow this success to accelerate you into your next success. Success breeds success.” He was correct! Do you utilize your successes to assure future successes?

VALUE EXPERTISE: Build a Team that is Unstoppable

I always envision super-heroes as, well, super! The reason I believe they are super is because they are unstoppable. When one performs super feats it is often because they  are unstoppable – from the little girl who lifts a car to save her parents to The Incredible Hulk, super-heroes just don’t give up until their mission is accomplished!

In the movie the super-heroes evolve into a super team. They eventually learn to honor, respect, and value each other’s gifts, after they put their own ego aside. Ultimately, it is when they realize that certain skills and capabilities are required to accomplish objectives and some are better suited for certain activities than others, that they actually become even more powerful.

What areas of your business can you help become more powerful? Stephen Covey’s Fourth Habit of Highly Successful People is “Think Win-Win: It is the attitude of seeking mutual benefit.” If the egotistical Avengers Team Members can do this, you can too 🙂  Who, or what, can really help your business evolve into the powerhouse is has the potential to become? Wanna be more successful- reach out today and begin getting the help you need!

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