June 3


Book: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, Wayne Breitbarth, 2011

If you are interested, or more appropriately “need to” beef up your social media activity to boost your and your business visibility- join LinkedIn and buy this book. Why LinkedIn? It is where the greatest portion of virtual business is occurring. Why Wayne’s book? Besides being a very funny guy and quite personable, Wayne’s book is practical and tactical to Kick-start your business, brand, or job search.

I tell all my clients to get Wayne’s book, open the first page and begin to familiarize yourself as to why he wrote the book- it’s important to understand this author didn’t even want to engage in social media… I believe that’s why he wrote such a fabulous book. In the book, he shares step by step directions to his strategy. That’s right, exactly how he did it and why. He even has images of how the screen looks and has arrows to guide you to what you need to be clicking.

Repeatedly I tell everyone to read this book and do each step as Wayne suggests from cover to cover. Then go back to the beginning and do it again. Why? Once you have been doing it and have seen how other people are doing all this stuff, you will know how to really make your profile and visibility to be personalized for your particular needs. Once you have completed this strategy twice, be a great person and share this invaluable resource with others.

Go to amazon.com and make the $12 investment that will give you endless returns!

This is a “gotta get it now and get going on it immediately” book,
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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