June 8


Self-Discovery: New Project Growing Pains

Hello successful business owners and managers!

Have you ever taken on a new project or inserted a new habit into your regime only to start out rocking and then have a major blip with it? What’s that all about? That’s the question I ask myself when I realized that I was falling short and didn’t post anything here for a bit! Curious what happened and what I learned? How is the following relevant to you?

New projects, skills, or habits always seem to be a stretch for us mere humans. Professionally speaking, they tend to involve us adding more to our plate / “to do” list before it becomes habitual for us. Admittedly, I am human and have growing pains with this concept too! Business leaders have this happen far too often.

As you recall three weeks ago, I landed my new image “The Business Rescue Coach” and was finally able to express what I do for small business owners and managers: I am a helping hand when rescuing is needed. How’s that for the supra-ultra short answer?

Picture this, here I am landing this new concept and committing to mastering social media in 2011. Gee, I still have a long way to go with that one. This social media thing is quite an undertaking… Once I identified that I was at “Stop, Drop, & Roll” with this aspect of my business, the solution presented itself: a workshop with Sonny from socialmedialeap.com. Sonny conducted an amazing workshop which took a great deal of the mystique out of social media for me and gave practical and tactical tips on how to do this effectively. I’m a novice. Overtime, I’m sure you will witness the peaks and valleys of this aspect of rebuilding my business to be wildly successful and insanely profitable.

Wow, as a tenured business owner I am still amazed at how much there is to do. Sometimes it seems unrealistic to accomplish while taking good care of customers. Get ready, here’s the insanity entering into my world: like a crazy little fool, I said yes to tweeting and sharing routinely on other sites as I simultaneously said yes to routinely blogging. Can you guess what happened next? Ooooh, my head hurt trying to learn so many different systems and programs while learning which strategies and venues would be best suited for my purpose. As you will see, I can still be my own worst enemy at times! I should probably thank you in advance for witnessing me find my “sweet spot” for social media.

As I’m traversing that new territory, you may have noticed that dropped the ball on posting something for you on Monday. Sorry, just didn’t have any good output to share (I admit too much output occurred during the past two weeks and my blogging relationship was hampered). This was a great lesson for me. As business leaders we are continually asked to do things which are an enormous stretch our skills and capabilities. I should have planned better and given myself more “cushion time” to develop and learn this new aspect I committed to build. Impetuously, I jumped in head first. I promise the next posting we will be back to the official self-discovery process.

Self-Discovery Clues:
1. Plan even more “cushion time” when in uncharted territory.
2. Remembering to keep balance, don’t lose sight of other commitments.
3. Don’t take on too many new projects simultaneously.

Questions for You:
1. Do you have enough cushion time built into your calendar over the next two weeks?
2. Be your own Quality Control department and “Stop, Look, and Listen”: How many balls did you drop in the past 4 weeks? Tip: Bend down, pick them up, and reschedule them on your calendar for this week.
3. Do you have one (or more) too many new projects on your plate?

Blessings of Success to YOU,
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
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