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Business Strategies from SAVING MR BANKS Movie Review

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Ticket
Saving Mr. Banks is a true Hollywood story that’s filled with business strategies for business owners.

What can the movie, “Saving Mr. Banks” (2013)
teach Business Owners?

This was a great movie to watch. Observation of the little details is key to seeing the richness of this movie. This is the story of P. L. Travers, the author of our beloved Mary Poppins, and Walt Disney – in particular, how these two danced with each other, and at times not, to get the movie Mary Poppins produced. The movie flashes back to P. L.’s childhood memories and reveals why she is the person she is, what her values are, and where the character of Mary Poppins was first experienced by her. This storyline is one of different business strategies from both the main characters. Great movie, and I laughed at the jello scene 🙂 Rich with unexpected twists, and there were plenty of business strategies to choose from to share with you. Here are my top three business strategies from this movie…

Stand true to what you know is your truth

When you know your truth, decisions come easier. Deciding which actions to take is crystal clear to you. Throughout the plot, both main characters are true to the Vision. They each know what their truth is. They are committed to honoring it and ask for others to do so. This courage is was gives them the strength to become a dynamic force.

Strategy #1 Pondering: Do your decisions of which actions to take come easily? What is it that you are wavering on? Do you vacillate on topics? Be bold and take a stand. When you do, your whole world will shift. You will find new doors open when you speak your truth, and remember: stand tall as you do 🙂

The Art of Negotiation

This is a great story to observe the Art of Negotiation. It reveals many actions which are beneficial, as well as actions which don’t support harmonious circumstances. Books have been written on effective negotiation skills and I’m not going to even try to trump that here! Yet, I do encourage you to watch how Travers and Disney do their dance. I found it most fascinating – especially the unexpected door knocking scene (no spoiler here).

Strategy #2 Pondering: When you negotiate, do you stand too strong or bend like a wet noodle? Being a good negotiator is knowing when to compromise and when to stand strong. Compromising will make everyone satisfied. Do you compromise enough or far too much? Is there a difference in your compromising tactics between your personal and work life? If so, is this approach serving you well?

What are you still carrying forward from you past?

Travers carries an item throughout the movie. It struck me right away as unusual. My husband didn’t notice it until toward the end of the movie when something was revealed about it. This item was something that helped her hold onto her past. I still don’t know if it was beneficial or harmful for her progression.

Strategy #3 Pondering: Do you hold onto something from you past? Is it helping guide you or stall you from your potential? I know that over the years I have allowed statements others have made to fuel my fire and accelerate my progress. Additionally, I have allowed other statements to shut me down. This is not unusual, after all we are human. With it being a new year, why not review what are your guiding forces? Go ahead, it’s OK to release something if it isn’t assisting you with your new vision and goals. Also surround yourself with supporting thoughts, actions, and people who want you to live successfully!

Take a moment to stifle this coach’s curiosity… Please share which business strategies offer you the greatest impact right now? Take a moment to answer in the comment section. Let’s see how we can serve each other with authentic sharings 🙂

If you need assistance on any of these business strategies or something else to help your business shine, please contact me. I’d be happy to learn if I can help you or refer to another who is capable of resolving your needs!

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  1. Loved the movie; brought great insights to my mind, heart and soul.

    Strategy # 3 – holding on to the past, which according to my sister, I apparently do a lot of. Ahhh, there’s that being influenced dance right there. Indeed I do struggle with Strategy #3.

    Great movie!

    Blake Cahoon

    1. Excellent! You are far from alone as many others get snagged by getting caught up in a circle of keeping the past alive and bringing it around to the present… sometimes, it’s helpful and other times not. Hopefully you can make the the “not” times fewer and fewer 🙂

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