Brilliant Business Movie Review:
BRAVE (2012)

Brave Movie Ticket
Let’s learn business strategies from a BRAVE girl who is forward-thinking and ready to create her own version of success.

We receive lessons in the most unique places, in this case, the animated movie BRAVE (2012). Believe it or not, the movies provide wonderful business lessons for us! I enjoy noticing lessons that share what to do, or what not to do, as I find both are of equal value!

What can the movie, “BRAVE” (2012) teach us about business?

The movie “BRAVE”, 2012, is a wonderful animated movie of a phenomenally animated curly red hair Celtic Princess who comes of age. She is full-spirited and loves life. She sees possibilities – at times to her detriment, or perhaps not, as she learns many lessons from the experiences she creates. Definitely a great movie for adults and children alike!

MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO YOUR PARTNERS ARE:  Due diligence for partnerships will serve you well

The Princess wants to gain something that isn’t within her realm. She is tempted to consider something that she hesitates on at one point, and then goes against her better judgment. How often do you just jump into relationships with customers, suppliers, or business allies when it isn’t always the best for you? Slow down, and take your time to make sure there is a good alignment from each party.

SET YOUR INTENTIONS EFFECTIVELY: Create your goals  with your eyes wide open

The Princess wants to change her destiny (not a spoiler, as all the trailers will tell you this). Unfortunately, she allows that one desire to override her common sense. She makes a poor choice, even after she hesitates. This, indeed, does change the course of her destiny. The problem: It sure isn’t how she had intended it to be! Yikes, how many times do you create a plan or strategy that initially appears perfect and jump right into the execution of it? Most businesses do this far too often.

Imagine me with a megaphone right now, “S-l-o-w d-o-w-n!” When you think you “have it”, sit on it for 48 hours, wait…  and see what else has come forward! Do yourself another favor and share it with someone that has already done this or isn’t vested in its outcome – they will give you priceless wisdom. Do you dare to be that brave?

THE POWER OF A BUSINESS OWNER’S THOUGHTS: You determine your business’s destiny

The Princess wanted to have all the flexibility and freedoms that went along with being a Princess – but not the responsibilities of a Princess-ship. We see this everywhere, don’t we? What about you, as a business owner or manager? Have you ever wanted the benefits of success but didn’t want to do the appropriate work to accomplish the goal? Ever have that little temptation come to life? Sure, we all do from time to time, but are you continuously getting snagged there?

You see, your thoughts determine your business’s destiny. Thoughts change everything… sometimes in an instant! But what about the responsibility of “right action”? Do you prepare yourself to take the right action to alter your destiny as the Princess did? Do you take the right action/s to support your business’s success? It’s always the practical and tactical actions that will propel your business forward. Choose wise thoughts; followed by wise action!

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  1. I liked the movie Brave….and love your Point 3 — this ties so nicely in with the new Law of Responsibility….we indeed need to pattern our thoughts and actions to act in accordance with responsibility of making our business a success…. Thank you again for this reminder!

    Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being

    1. Responsibility for all we create is a concept that I grew up with as a child and I do agree with my pappa when he says, “Regardless of what we create, whether a child, bill, or garden, the world would be a better place if we all just took care of our creations”. I also agree with you Blake that our businesses are a reflection of our own selves and our ideals… amazing isn’t it?

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