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4th Quarter Comebacks Improve Profit Margins

 4th Quarter Comebacks: What can we learn from football? How’s your bottom-line looking during this 4th quarter? Is your revenue where it needs to be to having a winning year? Do you need a “Hail Mary” before the year is closed out? 4th Quarter comebacks aren’t only common in football. I know we are getting […]

Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation Consistently

Expressing Gratitude & Appreciation Invitation Are you expressing gratitude in a thoughtful manner? When gifting this season, are you gifting appropriately? How often are you expressing gratitude? Expressing gratitude is easier than most of us believe it to be! Yes, simplicity, once again rules! In business, as well as life, it is important to express […]

Maximizing Performance Impedes Your Progress

Maximizing Performance What do you need to know about maximizing performance? Do you know the pitfalls of maximizing performance? How can you optimize performance? Maximizing performance of yourself and your business isn’t an easy task. I personally believe that it is because maximization should NOT be our goal! Why would a coach who is all […]

Integrity Buffet Style

Integrity: Warren Buffet Style     Curious what Warren Buffet has to say is the definition of integrity? As  you may have noticed, I do quite a bit of writing. So imagine what happened when I ran across the word “Buffet”. All I could think about is,  “should I hold this off until the day […]

Appreciate YOUR Business Before 2014

Appreciate YOUR Business: It’s easier than you may think! Do you know how to appreciate your business? Are you taking actions to help your business appreciate? Do you mind your relationship with your business? This week will be a shorter and power-packed post since many readers are involved with Holiday travel and/or preparations. First: I’d […]

Change Requires Your Engagement

Change Requires YOUR Engagement Do you know when it’s time for a change? Are you preparing yourself for your change? Do you slow down a bit so you can make really wise choices first? Last week I wrote about change and the importance of planning to bring about the most effective change for your performance […]

Change Happens in Small Business

Change Happens in Small Businesses- Scratch that – any size business – all the time Do you feel like it is time to change up something in your business? Are you preparing to make that change? Do you know what your change will bring to your business’s performance? Some of you might have noticed that […]