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Planning Success for 2015 Begins Now, Why Wait?

Planning Success for 2015 Begins Now!

Why is planning success an important step of success?
Are you planning success for next year already?
How do you plan for success?

Stacks of Gold Bars is reflecting the outcome of planning success
Planning Success moves you toward your goal

Planning Success… sort of sounds funny doesn’t it? Unless we win the lottery or receive an inheritance, I suggest the best way to secure financial and professional success is to plan for it!

OK, we all know that there is “stuff” that happens. Stuff that turns our world upside down or at least sends us into another direction. That “stuff” is called life, and it’s not going away until our last breath. So I guess that means planning success is pretty important.

Planning Success: An Overlooked Important Step of Success

On Friday, I blogged about the Wisconsin Badgers – Minnesota Gophers football game. The blog was about improving your profit margin with 4th quarter comebacks. This wasn’t only the rival game for Paul Bunyan’s Ax, it was also a game for The West Division Big 10 Title. The winner now plays for the Big 10 Championship Title this coming weekend. By the way, Wisconsin Badgers won and are playing for the championship this weekend. Why does this matter?

What I love about the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team is they have had a great philosophy, which has successfully supported them for a good while now: Know your goal and gain it by planning your next step, one at a time, while staying focused on the task at hand. It was great hearing Coach Anderson and all the players confirm this during interviews. This is how winners accomplish goals: planning and executing one step at a time!

Have YOU Already Started Planning Success for Next Year?

Planning is often overlooked or too detailed to the point that action doesn’t occur effectively. Identify your goals and plan you steps to attain it.

Action, with no planning is chaos. Planning, with no action is futile.
Planning to support appropriate action is progress.
~Maggie Mongan

Planning success takes some time. The last thing you want to do is plan something that is less than successful. Just as I shared above, you begin with your goal. I suggest you then break down your goal into sections. Often we measure goals through time or milestones of completion. Utilize whatever is most appropriate for you, your type of business, and your specific goal. Then, take time to plan. Plan what you’d like to accomplish. Then plan the steps you need to take to accomplish your goal. One step by one; this can be done.

Keep the prize in mind. Stay focused as you plan. Don’t allow for any misdirection.

Please feel free to comment or share how you plan for success…


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p.s. Planning success sounds simple. It is simple; yet, it involves strategizing appropriate actions to get your desired results! Even though, I’m nowhere near completed yet, I’ve already started planning success for 2015 (and 2016). Have you?


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  1. Love the quote! I am learning that when we start to visualize with intent about our desires it works so much better in manifesting them than if we just randomly let life happen to us. In other words, ultimately you have to plan for your success. It’s a wonder to me that more business owners don’t get this simple yet powerful concept. Thanks for the reminder and info!

    Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
    Pleasant Prairie, WI

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