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Customer Service: What’s your score?

                   Customer Service: Do you know your score? How do you rate your business’s customer service? How do your customers rate your customer service? Need help improving your business’s customer experience? Customer Service awareness, from the customer view point, is key to understanding how you can improve your business. Just to be clear: it’s my […]

Business Strategy and Tip:Week 5/12/201

Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! “He profits most who serves best.” ~ Arthur F. Sheldon Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: What’s great customer service? I just experienced something this week that has me even more loyal to our “Lawn Care Specialist” than before (and I already told many people about him)! […]

Excellence as the spirit of your work

Excellence as the spirit of YOUR work Are you choosing excellence? Do you utilize excellence as a way of being? Are you noticed for excellent work? Recently I noticed there are a great deal of workshops being offered this month which are designed to help people, either personally or professionally, move their actions toward excellence. […]

Customer Purpose is Your Business

Customer Purpose is YOUR Business? Are you dependent upon your customer? Do you know your customer’s purpose? Are you serving your customers best? I just ran across the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi regarding customers. Why would a peace activist speak about customers you ask?  Well, he was an attorney. And yes, attorneys need to […]

Business Strategy and Tip:Week 5/5/201

Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! “The “product” of a business is a satisfied customer.” ~ Peter Drucker, grandfather of modern business Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: Satisfied customers are the reflection of your business succeeding. How many customers are smiling in YOUR mirror these days? When was the last time you […]

Black holes of customer service

Black Holes of Customer Service… Have you ever experienced minimal or no customer service? Where in your business is the black hole of customer service? Black holes of customer service are  one of the burrs in this Coach’s saddle. I detest it when I purchase something from a company and they don’t deliver good customer […]

Superb Customer Service Matters!

Superb Customer Service Matters! Are you and your team offering SUPERB service? Are you constantly delivering the “Wow” to your customers? This past week I went to San Francisco for a business event. I’d like to thank my dear friend who invited me to this fabulous event: my deepest appreciation to you Barbara Marie! Everything […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Red Light District of Amsterdam teaches sales lessons to business owners.

Article: What the Red Light District Can Teach You About Sales

Sales Lessons from the Women of Amsterdam’s Red Light District What? Red Light District sales techniques for Business’s to adopt? YEP! This article’s title has much more edge than the article itself! I encourage you to look past the article’s title –  just for a short moment, because there are some great points that the […]